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Attitude of Gratitude !



I feel an abundance of gratitude for everything I have and receive every day.


My needs and desires are generously met. For this I am thankful.

I am grateful for all the great health, love, and goodness that my life has revealed to me.

I am continually

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Short Focuses and Long Focuses

The short focus is in my profile on Facebook,and on my intention here. Which is "Thankyou universe for the good weather and safe roads on the 20th." I will repeat it 108 times a day until I leave. I will focus entirely on good weather  (which means n

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Going round in circels

Maybe somebody can help me.I have have been working on applying LOA in life my for some time and have some success in certain parts of my life, but money and abundance seem to allude me. Focusing on this I have ended up in the same place."You've been

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