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Give more attention

If you will give more attention to what is flowing through you toward something,
Instead of what's flowing through someone else toward you,
Things will get better right away.


A classic and something I learn to be aware of many times a day

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Soothing Words

Soothing Words If you could say things like: It's in vibrational escrow. It's inevitable that it's coming. I know I'm on the path. I believe what Abraham says about the stream is taking me to it. I can feel the call of Source. I am willing to

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On Compassion

On Compassion

"...you might think that we are saying: Love onlyyourself,
and not others. Or it might feel to you thatwe are
encouraging an either/or sort of thing, whereyou take care of
you and you don't take care of them.Where really what we're

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