love abe, learning to attract what I really want

I am so grateful for abe transcripts, video clips. IT is like medicine to me. I really need it now.

A time of transitions.  From visualizing the end results.


I see myself signing a yr. rental aggrement, I am in the office wiht positive landlords. I see my check book with a large balance that gives me relief and joy. I can pay this with such ease.


I love the new clean apartment, it is on the first floor. THere are two bedrooms. Large enough

living room. Storage.  and a pool!  how neat.


I enjoyed the process of getting rid of a lot of stuff, and to be more minumalistic.


I was able to hire someone to take away alot of things I didnt want anymore

it feels so good to get rid of stuff, it is symbolic too,   more relief, feeling lighter


feeling good of donating things.


I am really grateful for this apt in NOv.

I am so thrilled of getting back in the vortex.

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  • I love the feeling of having money to pay for what I want. I love the feeling of being able to spend money freely. I love having nice housing. I love releasing things that no longer are the cat's meow to me, making room for me to bask and breath and notice opportunity to fill my life with some new things. I love the feeling of living well. I love the feeling of life working out for me. I love the feeling of solutions and ease. I love being able to say "I want to feel" what I don't feel but want to feel and noticing how the ability to genuinely feel that does indeed begin to fill in within me. I love knowing that what I am feeling is the cause, and what happens soon after is the effect. I cause my rendezvous and I can choose my feelings. I am free. I love the feeling of lovely housing. I love the feeling of smooth and friendly and happy financial exchanges. I love coming and going freely as a well paying customer with smiles and noddings to add to others days. I love the feeling of living well. I love the feeling of being free. I love my power to summon feelings that I'm not feeling but I know I want to feel. I love knowing that it's not about trying but it's about understanding the law and the nature of my being and how to mold my own energy. I love knowing that life is supposed to be good for me and feel good to me and that I can stake my claim in well being any time I am choosing. I love knowing that no one is keeping score and in the end no matter what I am loved and adored and all that I want comes to me and that I am learning and able to allow much of what I want to come to me while within this life by starting with the feelings. I love knowing that I can't fake a feeling but I can intend a feeling and state desire for a feeling and those feelings will begin to show themselves to me and now I've got the ball rolling. I love knowing that when I notice myself feeling how I want to be feeling I can speed up my energy and acknowledge that I LIKE how I am feeling. I love knowing that if I feel a little too high speed I can back up and just acknowledge that I want to feel what I"m feeling. I love having control of the speed of my energy, I love speeding it up and slowing it down based on how I"m feeling. I love knowing that stability in chosen  emotion is the key to smooth easy sailing and I love making my life's primary focus on how I'm feeling and how I want to be feeling and celebrating when I'm feeling the ways that I want to be feeling. Oh, and I love the evidence of my stable good feeling vibration presenting as good feeling wanted things chosen by me begin to and continue to show up in my reality. Most of all though, I love my freedom now that I know what my emotions mean and how they allow me to cause my effects in my reality. 

    Thank you Abe, I too love Abe! 

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