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Are you now appreciating the contrast of your time and
place? We're asking conceptually, not specifically,
as you look at those... things you do not want. We're
asking you, "Can you accept that the Universe is big
enough for all to create whatever they choose? And
what someone else chooses need not affect you unless
you are choosing it by your vibrational asking?" And
many of our friends say, "Well, Abraham, when you put
it that way I guess I cannot disagree with that. I'm
certainly, in my human form, not wanting to disagree
with the laws of the Universe. But still, are there
  not extreme situations where there are those
things that are so abhorrent that they deserve
scrutiny and attention from the physical format?" And
we say whatever you like is appropriate. Whatever you
choose to give your attention to is your choice. And
whatever you give your attention to will activate a
vibration within you. And whatever activates a
vibration within you will eventually manifest into
your experience. And whatever manifests in your
experience is always a perfect vibrational match to
your vibration. The way you've been feeling matches
your vibration, your vibration matches the way you've
been feeling. And everything is in perfect order when
you understand the management of Law of Attraction.

-- Abe -- Albany, N.Y., 10/1/01

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  • "When you're predominantly feeling good, the inevitable contrast doesn't knock you over."

    Abraham-Hicks, Long Beach, 2/15/14

    Thanks to AHDQ/FB

  • Q: When I wake up in the morning, I have a half hour sneezing session. Is it vibration?

    Abraham: Of course it is, because if it were otherwise, you'd be sneezing while you sleep!

    If it was something REAL, you'd be sneezing while you sleep. But the reason you're not sneezing while you sleep, is because you have a different vibration going on there, so when you wake up, you step right back into your sneezing beliefs.

    Q: I try to work out what brought it on...

    Abraham: It doesn't matter what brought it on, a better question is: What's keeping it going?

    What's keeping it going is your attention to it. We know yesterday it was 22 mins and 35 seconds, and you're saying it was 30 mins. You're exaggerating the point that you don't want to exaggerate.

    Begin saying things like: It's less and less and it doesn't matter.

    The best example we have of this is:

    (Abraham then tells the story of Esther not passing the eye test for her drivers licence in TX, and she asked Abraham to help. Abe tipped her head, dilated her eyes and she could read the bottom line).

    Abraham: Same eyes, different belief. That's all.

    Washington, DC. 10/20/12

  • Abraham:

    What trips you up is that most of you do not understand the difference between contrast and resistance.

    Contrast helps you choose. Resistance is choosing what you don’t want, you see. And that’s what trips you up.

    When you look at contrast and it helps you conclude what you do want and then you stay in pure vibration with core.

    But if you look at contrast to conclude what you don’t want, then you don’t exclude it, you include what you don’t want, you muck up your vibration, you are not a match to the energy of your desire and you feel frustration because of your contradiction of your energy.

    Very often people will talk to us about a relationship where things keep occurring that they are not wanting and we say, you have to understand that it could not keep happening to you if you were not holding your vibration there. In other words, if you could find a picture and hold a different picture, it has to change. The laws of the universe do not allow you to get something different than what you are vibrating.

    © Abraham-Hicks Publications - 3.30.1997 - Orlando, Florida

    (Thanks to to Lilly6 site)

  • You cannot look at that which you do not want and not join and perpetuate that vibration. Take your attention from that which is not in harmony with who you are, and in taking your attention from it, your "now vibration" will adjust to who you really are, and then you can uplift others.

    --- Abraham

    Excerpted from the workshop in Portland, OR on Tuesday, June 10th, 1997 # 478

  • Out of, what humans call, 'unwanted contrast', is the expansion that is really wanted. And when you make peace with contrast and stop calling it unwanted, and no longer take score about where you are, no matter where you are, NOW, life just keeps inspiring new ideas, and you just keep turning toward them and that's what you came to do.

    And you can't get it wrong, no matter what. There's no wrong approach to this. There are some people who want and line up; want and line up; want and line up; and have very even-keel looking lives. There's not very much drama, but they don't necessarily parlay really really really big desires. And there are people who want and don't line up; want and don't line up; want and don't line up; who get a desire in a fantastic place, who then figure out some how, some way to line up, and they just have the most amazing, glorious, experience on their way to what they want.

    And most of you are playing it both of those ways all through your life experience. And when people say, 'why do we do that,' we say, we think you like the drama. And by that what we mean is, we think you like the emotion. And now we're saying to you: and the reason you like the emotion is because the emotion is the most dramatised, most dramatic, most important manifestation that you are about.

    Chicago, Il, 10/1/11

  • Guest: When things come into my life that aren't necessarily good. I ask,
    "Why do I need this contrast? How'd I create this?" and try and find a
    reason for it being there.

    Abe: Well we can make it really simple for you. The reason that it is
    there is because you were not focused upon what you wanted.

    It's sort of like - if you drive your car into the ditch, do you sit there
    for a long time and try to comprehend why you're in the ditch or do you just
    start trying to figure out how to get out of the ditch?

    And it's the same sort of thing - in other words, you got in the ditch
    because you weren't paying attention. And you get out of the ditch by paying
    attention. And for a while after you get out of the ditch you usually pay
    more attention for a while. In fact - sometimes even when you see somebody
    else in the ditch you pay more attention for a while.

    But - there is really - we think that what's complicating this is that it is
    true, and we really recommend, that you make the best of whatever happens.
    So sometimes when you're in a place that you don't want to be, it is to your
    greater advantage to say "Well, I received this clarity from it and I
    received this value from it." rather than saying "Well this was just really
    dumb thing and no good has come from it." And so, it is always good to do
    your best to look for the positive aspects.

    But, we would not spend any time looking for the lesson or looking for the
    value when you're in some spot that you clearly do not want to be in. We
    would just start saying "Wait a minute, it's not luck and it's not chance
    and it's not karma and it's not what somebody else did. I had my vibration,
    my attention upon something that brought me right here. And now I'm here,
    I'm really really sure I don't want to be here. I think I won't do that
    again. I think I'll start thinking about things that feel better to me when
    I think about them."

    - Abraham-Hicks, Asheville 10/24/04
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  • It isn’t until you decide that how you feel is everything … and how you feel
    can be separate from how you have felt. How you feel does not have to always
    feel exactly the same way that it felt before. You have an option right here
    and now no matter what way you are living, whether you are sick, whether you
    are well, whether you’re rich, whether you’re poor, whether you’re confused,
    whether you’re clear, whether you’re stable, whether you’re feeble, you have
    the option right here and now, of going this way in the stream, upstream –
    or this way in the stream. You don’t have the option of being poor and
    immediately being rich, you don’t have the option of being sick and
    immediately being well, you don’t have those options … and that’s what trips
    you up because you want those options. And you think that you can perform
    enough action that you can affect that in your life experience.

    But if you will get it that you cannot go from here to here in one fell
    swoop, but that you can choose something that feels worse or something that
    feels better. When you get in the habit of something that feels better,
    something that feels better, something that feels better, something that
    feels better, before you know it, you have left behind the majority of your
    resistance and you are flowing nicely with the river that is the river of
    your life. And things that you have been asking for begin show up everywhere
    around you. And you begin to demonstrate for those who are watching you that
    you are a deliberate creator and that your life will be the way that you
    have asked for it to be. And that it is not only likely but that it is
    inevitable that every single thing that you ask for flows into your
    experience and the more you flow downstream deliberately, the more the gap
    between your asking and your receiving closes.

    Abraham-Hicks 9.16.06A - Chicago, IL
  • Abraham: Consider with us the now reality, (which includes a nitpicking husband).Consider with us the vibrational reality, (which includes a vastly improved husband).

    Guest: Mm-hhhm.

    Abe: There both of these realities are. If you spend your time looking at the now reality, your vibration's gonna match it. And it's going to keep you from ever moving to the other. If you spend your time imagining or contemplating what you've put into the vibrational reality, your vibration's gonna match it. In other words, you gotta DECIDE which reality you're a cooperative component to.

    Most humans have all but lost complete sight of the main event which is the vibrational reality which is the precursor of everything, which is where the larger part of you stands. And you're giving almost your undivided attention to this now reality. And we want to say in ways that you can hear us that this now reality ....all it was ever meant to be was a bouncing off place for this (the vibrational reality).

    So, where do we want you to be? What's this limbo that Abraham's got lined up for you? In other words, here's this vibrational reality, which hasn't manifested and here's this reality which isn't serving you now. It already served you, it served you: it's put it over here (the vibrational reality). So, where are you? You're in the zone of life. You're in the life of life. If you can hold yourself in this vibrational state between the reality that's already manifested and the vibrational reality that hasn't, if you can ride that stream of expectation and possibilities, that's where your light hearted upliftedness is. In other words, you could go home today with hope in your heart of an improved mate, or you could go home today with an expectation of a nitpicking mate. But here's the thing that we really want you to hear. We're not talking about the outcome that you want to talk about. We're talking about what it does to you here and now, before you get home. We're talking about the opportunity to connect with the fullness of all of your power, or the opportunity to resist all of your power. Reaching for the thought that allows the alignment is what allows cellular function, is what allows mental accuity, it's what allows dexterity and flexibility in this life. It's what allows the cleverness and wit. It's what allows the good timing. It's what allows being in a good conversation knowing exactly what to say. It's what allows entrance into traffic. It's what allows good judgement as you make decisions to do one thing or another. In other words, there are just endless benefits to this alignment, and no advantages to disallowing it, you see.

    We adore a nitpicking mate. (laughter from guest) Because, HOW ELSE are you going to learn to focus? In other words, if you've got a mate that is so compliant and so loving and so willing to just stand on his head in every possible way, who trains you into lackadaisical thinking because you don't have to think with this mate... In other words, this mate does all the work. This mate; it's not necessary for you ever to tune yourself into who you are because all you've got to do is just observe this mate and you're just right there. And many of you say "Take me to him, and take me to him now." (laughter) And we say, you don't want that, you want the opportunity to think! You want the opportunity to choose. You want the opportunity to create. You do not want a placid, non-contrasting anything! This contrast serves you, whether it's contrast in your mate or contrast in the food on your plate right now (pick around it!). Or whether its contrast in your body or contrast in your world or contrast in your government or contrast, contrast, contrast, contrast; contrast equals freedom because contrast equals choices, but you gotta decide to choose. Literally and ultimately and completely give up any need to control any behavior of any other and you give your undivided attention to controlling something that you have absolute control over: whether it's humorous or irritating. You've got that control. NOW, you're free to go anywhere. And now, as you train yourself into that positive expectation, the cooperative components of the universe surround you with more of that.

    And it does get easier. The more you're in the vortex, the more vortex things come to you and the more in the vortex things come to you, the more easy it is to be in the vortex, and the more easy it is to be in the vortex...So, your contrast isn't as great and things just get better and better for you. Everything that we're teaching you is to guide you in the direction of the vortex because we want you world to get better and better and better and better and better and better and better for you, but we know these things to always be true: no matter how good you world becomes or is, you're gonna keep asking for it to be better. It's just the nature of evolution, you see. As long as things are evolving, then you've got to keep up with them or you're not going to feel good, and it doesn't matter what you use as your current excuse to keep up with your evolution, there's always gonna be something. Today it's an irritating husband, tomorrow its something else. So, you finally just gotta get to the place where you accept the value of the contrast and you take control of the direction of your thoughts, and you live happily ever after.

    Boston Ma
  • What is a desire? A desire is a natural product of living in a
    diverse environment. Desires are born naturally within you. And when
    the desire is born, the desire is the promise of the future. The
    desire is the summoning of life.

    Although many of you do not understand what you're saying when you
    say it, you say "Ask, and it is given." The asking occurs through
    the desire that is born within you. When contrast helps you conclude
    a new decision or desire, that desire is a vibrational summoning of

    The desire is the asking. The Life Force that comes in response to
    the desire is the answering to that asking.

    "What am I doing with my vibrational countenance in the moment of
    desire summoning through me? Am I allowing the Life Force to flow
    through me in a non-resisted way, or am I pinching it off?" You can
    tell by the way you feel: If you feel good, it means you're allowing
    it. If you feel not so good, it means, to the degree that you do not
    feel good, you're not allowing it. Severe depression means really
    not letting it flow. While passion means really letting it flow.

    Whether you feel passion or strong rage, both of those emotions mean
    there is strong, strong, strong summoning of desire. If it feels
    good, you're letting it flow, but if it feels bad, you are not.

    There is another part of you, your non-physical inner being. And
    that other part of you, that God force within you, adores that which
    you are. And the sooner you get to that *self adoration*, the sooner
    that you will allow the Energy that is really you to flow.

    - Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec 2001
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