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Sometimes I run across Abe speaking to the emotional root of experiences, like Louis L Haye does in her books. I have a couple that I remember specifically and am suddenly finding more....and I stash ALL my stuff this is me stashing :-)

As always...the thread will be mostly quotes....maybe some personal stories..bring yours if you've got em :-)


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  • The feeling of fear and the feeling of discomfort means I want something that I'm not ready for. I want something that I'm not ready for.

    Stamford, CT 10/13/12

  • When you identify a desire as 'huge' you're almost always saying, and therefore difficult and therefore harder to fulfil--just the fact that it looks 'huge'.

    We look forward to the day you say, I have these incredible, comfortable and easy-to-expect desires. Because that's what you're reaching for.

    So how can you speak of them in more general terms in order to bring that into alignment?

    San Diego, CA, 21/1/12

  • Every awful or abhorrent thing that you see exists only because someone is disallowing the Well-Being that would be there otherwise.

    The Vortex page 105

  • It is a feeling of loving self and worthiness that is equivalent to health. And it is a feeling of "I have done wrong" that is illness. Abraham, 2006-05-30, Buffalo, NY

  • If you want it and expect it, it will be yours very soon. However, it is not often that you have achieved a balance where your wanting and your expecting are equal. Sometimes your wanting is very high, but your belief is not there at all. For example, in the story of the mother whose child is trapped beneath the automobile, she does not believe that she can lift that heavy vehicle off of her child, but her wanting is so extreme that she does. On the other hand, there are many examples where your belief is high, but your wanting is not. The creation of an illness, such as cancer, is that sort of example where your belief in it is very keen, while your wanting of it is not.

    The Law Of Attraction; The Basic Teachings Of Abraham


  • Guest: I should lighten up about it.


    Abe: You see what's bothering you is that you know you're not an alcoholic and so you don't have that legitimate excuse. But this is a big issue. You've got wanna-please-others-itis. And that's what's making you sick because you've let society train you into pleasing them instead of coming into alignment with who you really are.


    VOA EP02 Disk 2


    (more from same conversation)

    Abe: So here. Let us give you some soothing words. If we were standing in your physical shoes, these are the words that we would say: I'm doing just fine. And I'm figuring this out as I go. And its really fun to think. And I've always been a contemplater. And I really am interested in what others think. And I like assimilating data. And I like coming to conclusions and I like finding what feels like the best conclusion. And I am really interested in what other people have to say. And I've never been a loner I've always been a gregarious co-creative person. And I really like collecting the data from situations and others. And I like knowing that I have created a vortex of attraction and I like focusing on it even more than the other. And I'm enjoying now finding my harmony and alignment with my source and I'm starting to enjoy feeling the power of that. I'm really enjoying orchestrating outside the vortex less because it's impossible; nobody's ever been good at it and I'm not good at it and I'm ready to give that up and doing the only thing that I can do which is directing my thought and then watching the universal forces orchestrate things. I'm ready to let go of this big load I've been carrying around about trying to get everything all smoothed out for everybody. I'm ready to start letting the laws of the universe do its thing while I just get in the vortex. I'm letting go of all of that and I'm just getting in the vortex. I'm pretty good at it. Getting better at it every day. ....




    they can like it or lump it....


    (lol~ ds)






    Abe speaking for Esther in a story: Abraham, it's true! Don't ask me to not look at that; it's big and its vivid and it's reality and it's true!


    And our answer again and again in many different loving ways was: It may be true but that's not a good criteria for your attention to it. There are a lot of true things that you don't want to attract into your experience. Nobody attracts cancer because they want it. Not ever. No one wakes up and says: Hhhhm. Things to do today: Think I'd like a little cancer. What thoughts could I think that would bring that on? And it would surprise you the thoughts that would bring that on aren't necessarily thoughts of cancer. It's thoughts like


    • The world is against me. Its thoughts like
    • I'm powerless. Its thoughts like
    • I have no control. Its thoughts like
    • My employer doesn't care about me and is taking advantage of me. Its thoughts like
    • My mate is overpower and I don't ever get to do what I want.

    In other words, things that eat you from the inside out are about the thoughts you think; you see.


    The Vortex Of Attraction DVD Episode 2 Disk 1

  • Manifestation is not an outside or inside the vortex thing, is it?

    Manifestation is a coming to fruition or tangible evidence of a vibrational frequency, how's that? Manifestation is the tangible evidence of a chronically offered vibrational frequency.

    So there are manifestations that are evidence of being out of the vortex and there are manifestations that are evidence of in the vortex.

    Stamford CT 10/2/10
  • If you goose up your DESIRE without increasing
    your BELIEF or EXPECTATION you are going to get out of balance…

    That's what OVERWHELMENT is. OVERWHELMENT is asking for more than
    you BELIEVE is possible.

    BORDOM or INFERIORITY or INSECURITY is asking for less than you know
    is possible.


    Abraham, posted previously on comment wall by Pilar

  • Guest: ... I feel like I'm in a rut ... lately I get stuck in that Step 1 moment. I'm just grumpy and--

    Abe: The grumpier you are, the better we like it. [group/guest laughter] And here's why.

    Guest: Please.

    Abe: Because that means you've expanded a great deal and your extreme grumpiness means you're just not keeping up with your expansion. And the expansion is really pleasing because we know eventually you will keep up with it. It's just a matter of time. Really, you know what it's a matter of? How long you're willing to be grumpy.

    Guest: Mm. That's good., Denver, CO, 9.11.10
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