Abraham By Topicfor self study, quotes reference, topic specific personal experiences....Topics By Thread Here...turn the audio off or down if you prefer...Kicking off with a quote.....more to come in the thread...add any that you have too that seem relevant! :-)Turn on the television for about two hours and run the gamut.In other words, you'll be afraid of cancer; you'll be afraidof all kinds of diseases; you'll be afraid of terrorists;you'll be afraid of pipe bombs; you'll be afraid of automobileaccidents; you'll be afraid of muggers; you'll be afraid ofrapists; you'll be afraid of pit bulls and alligators....And even if you are watching positive shows, they'll sneak itin on you. Because they believe that you need this information,because if you don't hold the information of all the dangersthat exist, then you might end up in danger.And what they are not realizing is every moment you spendpushing against any one of those, and therefore causingnegative emotion, holds you in a place of not letting inthe well-being that would be there if you were not doingthat thing you do.So you can reach this place where you can actually watchtelevision and you can take from it the things that upliftyou. And you can see the well-intentioned things as theyare warning you about one thing and then another, and youcan consciously acknowledge that they are offering it toyou for your well-being. And then you can acknowledge,"Well my well-being is in full place, thank you, anyway...,"and you don't have to feel any negative emotion.In other words, you don't have to feel a conditional love......the conditions do not have to change. You get to choosehow you feel.Ah. That is true liberation. There is no liberation thatis more dramatic than the liberation that comes when yourealize that there are way, way, way, way, way, way, waymore things to feel good about than bad about, and with alittle practice it's way, way, way, way, way, way, waymore easy to find something to feel good about than badabout, and in doing so you are then in the place of allowingthe universe to intricately, intimately satisfy every desirethat you have ever offered on all levels. Which meanstraffic is nice when you're in it; the restaurant is nicewhen you're in it; the food is delicious when you're eating;the weather is nice where you are; people are responsive toyou, which means people are respectful of you.In other words, all things big and small are satisfied inyour ever-unfolding saga of joy.-- Abe, Albuquerque, NM, 7-21-01Abraham By Topic Navigational Links:Topics A ~ B ~ CTopics D ~ E ~ F ~ GTopics H ~ I ~ J ~ K ~ LTopics M ~ N ~ O ~ P ~ Q ~ RTopics S ~ T ~ U ~ V ~ W ~ X ~ Y ~ ZDS

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