Most people could feel good if there was a good condition, but the key to deliberate creating is to feel good whether there is a good condition or not, to feel good just because good feels good. And you have to train yourself into it. Abraham-Hicks

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  • Upstream visual for me is paddling into a wave and downstream is my visual/feeling of riding down the face of a wave!

    I just want to yell YEEE-HAAA ! :-}
  • I like this one about choosing to feel better...incrementally

    Any excuse to drop Abe will do lol
  • Monitoring myself for the up and down stream movement in my head is the best technique I"ve found from Abe .

    I say that about all the I am using them lol. Right now...that one is my favorite. A month ago is was focus wheels. Good thing they are so prolific...because I am fickle.

    Thanks for the scolding in that other thread. You are right...I am divine...I just don't want to be taken too seriously...especially by myself.

    Good morning, PI! I have good conditions...but see no reason not to feel GREAT!
    • I also love the upstream/downstream and also resistance or less resistance
    • Oh, no scolding... I promise... just a gentle re-minder. Yesterday, I posted a thread on money and how to think downstream when it comes to my husband, then I remembered that there were "topics" so I went and read what Abe had to say about it, and I answered my own questions and deleted the thread. I began to turn upstream with thoughts about why I posted it in the first place, I should have known better, someone is going to bitch about it... blah, blah, blah. Turns out, none of that matters... as Abe says, "I love you so much, I don't care what you think about me". LOL. Namaste. :)
    • I often go upstream in public...and then might not delete it...there are few opportunities in real life to watch someone actually change their emotions as they are moving through time-space and thoughts.

      Besides...perfection is over-rated.

      I have a bunch of email feeds from your wanderings...will be catching up with you soon.
    • Perfection IS over-rated! Thanks for that re-minder, Sifty. Next time, I'll leave it up... :) Namaste.
    • Give me an improved condition, and then I will feel better" is what
      most people are asking for, but what is really required of you is the
      ability to maintain your balance and your Connection to who-you-really-
      are, regardless of the conditions that exist. Unconditional love
      is "maintaining my Connection to my Source - which is love - regardless
      of the conditions that surround me."

      The Astonishing Power of Emotions - page 166
    • :-)

      I'll demonstrate with you...we'll drop the facade of "i got this stuff all the time..and am always in the vortex"...and keep it real...while always getting better. I move FAST when i am honest and too?
    • I've noticed you both doing that, rather in the fashion of Abe with the first guest in the "Autistic Revolution" DVD as they point out to him how his simple statement turned upstream-downstream several times. I catch myself doing it too, throughout the day, and it really is helpful to guide yourself in this manner -- it ties in with defining conditions and choosing what they mean and how you feel about them.
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