my journey of moving loa style

writing in past tense as if it occured.


( I thank u universe, I got it! I got it !  I found an available apartment.  It has 2 bedrooms, room for storage.  It has a nice kitchen, inside, washer, dryer.  There is room for all my stuff.  It is safe, and nice quiet neighbors.  I have a great relationship with  my landlords.  The apartment did not have cigarette smoke, in it.

I am so grateful my house sold, I am grateful for the money pouring in!  I am able to pay for carpet clean, to get the place clean, locks changed, and to really make this place mine.  I am thrilled it is on the ground floor.  My friend who uses a wheel chair can visit me with ease.  I am so grateful it is on the street I desired.  I am so grateful

of the timing of this, I was able to move in quickly.  IT even has a pool!

I have quiet neighbors without pets.  There are windows that let the sun in. It is bright and just a nice place to live.  It is at a price I can easily afford.  I can afford utilities with ease.  There are stores in walking distance.  I have a safe place to park my car.  It feels so nice to be in this new apt. I like i how I decorated it.

I feel the tile floor as well as the soft carpet in the bedroom.  It feels so incredible to be living here, and I am so grateful it is close to places I wanted to be.  I can get there now easier.  What comfort.  I feel light in my body and shoulders now.  I have more a sense of hope and peace for my present and future. I feel angels, universe guided me here, to know how to find this place, and it seemed like the landlord was waiting for me too.  I love the kitchen, and my dinning room, things about how I choose, it is so awesome to have this freedom.  I am sooo grateful for this easy move. )


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  • Hi there, i wanted to mention if you don't mind that you can get some serious momentum going like this AND it is good to know that that momentum needs nurture because as things start to evidence into your experience you will get a mix of wanted and "new contrast" which, if your attention goes more to the parts that might seem something to pick at and fuss over you can stall your momentum on what's wanted and popping soooooo, keep up your vision even as evidence is manifesting and remember that unwanted will also by degrees show up, (hopefully mildly but it's all about your vibration so take it however it comes and be glad for the opportunity to mold energy since that's what provides the impetus to stay in our physical bodies). 

    Have a wonderful and deliberate day :) May your momentum be a cool breeze that is pleasing and your unwanted be universal recipe to play in the molding of energy! 

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