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"Every visualization that we help you with, every process that we offer
is with the intent of helping you come into vibrational harmony with
your desire. Your work is about lining up your energy with you. It's
about lining up the energy within you, and that's the end of the

"As physical beings, you keep thinking that your work is to get all of
THEM lined up. 'Let's get everybody lined up so that when I look out
into this world, everything that I see pleases me.' And we say good
luck with that, it will never happen. This is a contrasting universe
with lots of variety, and the variety is necessary for the constant
birthing of new ideas.

"Most people are living a very conditional life. They say, 'Well, when
I see this I feel very good, so I will vote for that. But when I see
this, that doesn't feel so good. I will vote against that. In fact,
I'll do more than vote against it. I'll campaign against it. I'll
gather forces against it. I will make very sure that that does not
happen.' And we say: not that way you won't. Because there is no such
thing as get it away, there is no such thing as exclusion. When you
look at something wanted and you say 'yes' to it, you include it in your
vibration and it comes to you. When you look at something you don't
want and you shout 'no' at it, you include it in your vibration and it
comes to you. There's no such thing as 'no' in this universe that is
based upon attraction -- it's all 'yes.'"

-- Abe - Monterey, CA, 3/14/00

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  • "Just plain no thank you isn't resistance. Resistance is that belief that I don't have the power to choose. You are not powerless!"

    ~ Abraham-Hicks - Norfolk, VA, Oct. 24, 2000 .
  • It's that habit of saying "no" that trips more of you up than all other
    things put together. It's that looking around your physical contrast
    and seeing some things wanted and saying "yes" but seeing some things
    not wanted and saying "no".

    Every time you say "no", every time you get into that resistant stance,
    every time you think, " Oh, I really do not want this" or " I hope that
    doesn't come to me" -- by your attention to it, you are inviting it.
    You are including it. You are lowering your vibration. You are
    separating yourself from your Core. You are drowning your cork. You
    are not in vibrational harmony with who you are. And most of all -- you
    don't feel good.

    It would be a very short and effective seminar if we said to you, "The
    secret of creating anything that you want is get happy and stay there,
    because in your joy, you are always in the place of allowing that which
    is in vibrational harmony with who you are and what you are wanting."

    Abraham -- 5/3/97 Tarrytown, NY
    and The Science of Deliberate Newsletter - Vol 3 pg 22

    (Personal Note to add...and they tell us that the way to "get" happy is to either work the emotional scale if you are in depression/grief et all up to around anger, or to focus wheel your way into happy, or to change the subject of your focus, but if the subject is something relevant to your close family members or your home or work...something in your face, then ....do the emotional scale or a focus wheel or some other process from them or that you create for yourself, so that you CAN get happy, because you don't have access to happy from the lower emotions, and trying to fake it till you make it is uncomfortable at best and exhausting and defeating at worst. ~DS)
  • Glad you like. You might find this as a next logical step The Value Of Contrast and The Process Of Manifestation

    These threads are going to be going long on quotes, so check the threads for more that are on-topic if you like. And if you have any, please drop em where you think they'd fit....duplication is okay if they fit in more than one thread. Take care with appreciation btw. If you are down and out on a lot of subjects and try to play the appreciation card too much it can give you whiplash. The focus wheel is better to help move and then acclimate, even though it's a lot more work. Here's a thread on the Focus Wheel in case you are interested.
    The Value Of Contrast
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