OMG I Need Emergency Help! Can't Stop Blushing!

Okay, when I see this guy that I'm attracted to, I always make a surprised, deer in headlights type face! it is soooooo embarrassing and I don't know how to stop! to make matters worse, I am 100% sure he is not interested.  please help! (and YES, I am a GROWN ass woman!)

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  • Honestly? Nah...I tried it once.  Takes patience.  I have been viewing a TON of Abraham Hicks vids on the the topic of rejection and self-esteem.  Also doing affirmations.  He told me without me asking that he does not like me so....that helps me to sort of look at him in a different way.  I do still get nervous but circumstances have lined up recently that I have been able to keep him from seeing some of my more "dramatic" reactions.  

  • Any Progress with the FasterEFT?

  • Dennis Thank you I plan on trying the EFT tonight.

  • True. True.  Thanks ET!

  • LOL I don't understand responses like this.  If it's silly and beneath you, and not worth your time.  It's simple.  Get off my post.

    • This is a discussion forum Krysalis,the post belongs to everyone here.My response expresses the feeling I had when i read your initial post,which I choose to acknowledge and express.Its also good advice which you can choose to ignore if you want to.

    • Lots of things are allowable, that doesn't make them necessary or helpful.  If I could ignore it, I would.  If I could get rid of the feelings by telling myself all the bad stuff, I would.  I've tried these.  They didn't work.

    • Ok,good now we are starting to get enough information in the conversation to find a way to help that will work.Can you list some of the other things you have tried that were unsuccessful or temorarily successful? That way the suggestions will not be a repeat of your previous experience.

    • Positive Affirmations.  Mentally preparing myself for when his shift starts so that I will not be shocked/surprised/scared when I see him.  Being truthful with myself in acknowledging that he is not interested.  Visualizing desired result.

    • OK,cool,my suggestion would be to spend some time watching Faster EFT videos on youtube. Tap along with Robert Smith and release any feelings  associated with the physical changes.

      Use the blushing as a way to unlock the emotional issues which might be underneath or traumas which might be creating the physical response.

      you will find the videos on the "Healingmagic" channel.

      Let me know how you get on.....

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