on getting an illness that has no known cure

I dont get it.  How does one get an illness without ever giving thought to it


( not knowing much about it, and never giving thought about it)


You are living your life, learning, doing your best, and then one day u are so sick


I was listening to abe for years, being positive as i could, reading different books


I just saw a clip of ester and jerry, he did not look good, but they still did a workshop


He got sick


people keep saying, I created this reality, but how?

when i knew nothing of this disease


there are no lessons to learn, cause it affects the brain.  My memory is failing.

It is totally unfair,  i dont see how it is perfect


when u are suddenlty disabled, ...

it makes no sense to me,   I dont get it, and wish I did,   I dont think anyone knows the answer to this ...


but I still ask questions








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  • There is not a stream of badness and a stream of goodness, or sickness or
    wellness. There is only a Stream of Well-being. The question that you're
    wanting to ask yourself is, "In this moment, am I letting it in or not? Am
    I allowing it or am I not?" 

    --- Abraham

  • Hi, Natalie!'
    I think Mary said it all..and so well! It's a saver, M., thanks...And Patri!! says it even better, AND includes excellent resources for us to re-read, as well!! lol

    My two cents...There still remains one more "hurdle" to clear in order to fully Understand what Abe teaches. Abe said it, "Words don't teach; only experience teaches." So, really, our real UNDERSTANDING only comes when we decide to take the leap to start relying on INSPIRED Action in our lives...That is, actions and decisions that include Inner Being in on the act....Looking for, and Allowing! that wider input from our Authentic Selves to guide what we CHOOSE to believe and act on. That's!! when the real "high magic" starts to happen in earnest. :-))) Otherwise, we tend to continue to endlessly "victimize" ourselves with the struggle end of the stick...Well...if not "endlessly", certainly way!! too long for comfort! :-))

    Fly Bright!! ...and Happy Holidays to one and all, by the way! Love, Maia
  • Mary K, as always is spot on the semantics and solutions. Yay. Such wealth to have calm balanced wisdom that's fun and free hanging out to speak this way! 

    Just want to add that it can be boring, annoying or even tricky to reach for happy and appreciation from this kind of emotional stance since there is a sort of "fake happy" that is covered in the teachings. Trying to jump too far is a good recipe for getting caught up in that OR putting one's self on a roller coaster ride that even an adept at this philosophy can end up giving up on and taking a more general approach from sheer exhaustion emotionally. 

    A more general approach is just to acknowledge knowledge of the law and knowledge that a thought that feels bad means circumstances that FEEL bad are being attracted in that moment while thoughts that feel good are attracting circumstances that feel good and that all creating is done as a PRE-pave. Just acknowledging that is a taking back of one's own power. It's not an attempt to get happy in a moment, it's an awareness of feeling and what feeling means and how knowledge of feelings makes feelings our creative best friends...even bad feelings. Best friends these feelings cause they tell us what we are creating. 

    So, just dropped in to mention that and ask a question...Natalie, are you familiar with "the grid" concept from Abe? It's relatively new, it ties together all the processes given previously by Abe and is a really remarkable tool for demonstrating creation to ourselves in really clear ways. With clear self demonstrations really this feels like a simple lifestyle where security and good living and bodily conditions that provide good quality of life are available no matter where we find ourselves if we've made the choice to go on living. 

    We have some threads to read if you wish to do a bit of reading up on the topic...

    Attraction, Point of

    Acclimating Upward

    Acclimation Factor

    Emotional Grid

    Emotional Intelligence

    Emotions, How They Work, How To Work Them

    Salute out to Mary K, a priceless benefit to this community. 

    (PS. It's funny how a thought can feel good, but what we THEN  think ABOUT that thought can feel bad...that's a process to watch very carefully.) 

  • Hi Natalie...

    I hear what you are saying and let me remind you that we don't get what we are thinking about... the Universal Match is to our predominant FEELING -- and feeling only, and always, speaks of our joy. So, every nanosecond that you are playing in a vibration that is less than joyful is weighed against every second you spend in joy... and the Universe brings a matching experience to the dominant feeling.

    so an uncomfortable and confusing experience with this illness has been drawn to you... by you... and it lets you know that consciously or subconsciously (the Universe doesn't make a distinction) you've been predominantly sitting in vibrations that are a match to it. 

    Now, you may have a trained yourself to blow what I have just said all out of proportion... by resisting the truth of it, by responding with anger or frustration to it... by dismissing it outright. And that is all understandable because we've all pretty much been trained into that kind of thing. The good news is...

    if you have the courage you can go within and start asking yourself questions from the heart. Let the love expand and grow and start noticing things you appreciate and do your best to focus on those things. Make nothing more important than your happiness... not your illness, not your bank balance, not the weather, nothing can be important than your happiness in each and every moment.

    If you're willing to enter the happiness game and make an authentic commitment to yourself for yourself... you will really start to see and feel the magic happening to you and all around you. And get this... we are, RIGHT NOW, standing in a new energy. An energy that dissolves much of the old ways of thinking that has pulled us away from our true feeling (and by old I mean even as recently as last week) -- so it will support you to more effortlessly find the joy that lies even within and through your current discomfort. This illness can be eliminated from your life... Love trumps everything!

    Happy 12-21 -- and if it helps, keep us posted about all of your appreciations!



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