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Q: My question I feel like it's all sort of goes together. I understand and I
do believe that the process is to just to have joy on the way, but I have this
other desire or this other feeling like--like we have been promised a heaven on
earth and I feel like I'm going in that direction. I feel like my focus is now
going more on having that. I know that everyone's interpretation or perception
of what we would consider having a peaceful place or a world that we live in
where everyone values each other the same, that the oneness, the unity is just
known in fact and we all remember who we are through that. I feel that's coming
so quickly but then there is this other part of me that thinks, am I judging the
world--I'm seeing the contrast of what I like and don't like, or what feels
good. It doesn't feel good that there are people that are hungry, all of those
things. You know all those things even though I know on a bigger level, I feel
like I know on a bigger level, that all of those things are working in there own
way so that we will have this unity. I guess my biggest question is when I find
that and when I really connect with that source and to that unity consciousness
is that going to be my reality because that is my belief at that time? Am I
going to be like in another sort of dimension with other people who think that
way or..?

Abe: Well, that is always true. In other words, when you come to believe
something so that you offering that by--a belief is a belief that you keep
thinking. So it would be accurate to say that my beliefs are my vibrational
point of attraction. The set of beliefs that I hold do continue to manifest in
my experience. So as you shift your beliefs then everything actualizes around
that. Yes. It is an interesting thing because most of you hold quite a myriad
of beliefs. So you are attracting in quite a variety of ways. Yet there is a
theme or undertone to the way things usually turn out within your experience
that is always a perfect vibrational match to what you are feeling. I want to
address where you began because there is a very important thing that you are
pointing out here. And we want to be certain that you are clear about one very
important thing--when you think in terms of life on planet Earth and you try to
address all of humanity all at one time. You want for them a peacefulness or a
harmony or a unity. You are wanting to be careful that you are not saying I am
wanting them all to want the same thing. Because sometimes as physical beings
are addressing or acknowledging what life is like on the planet and they see
trouble spots here or there. There are 97 civil wars taking place on the planet
at this very moment someone said and you think 97 very serious hot spots of
dissention. That does not sound like heaven on planet Earth and yet if you were
in any way able to take away the contrast or the difference in ideas that would
be a much greater sacrifice. You said I want to go forth into the physical
environment and in our differences we will conclude new desires. You are
talking about how things are happening quickly. You can sort of feel the motion
forward on many things. And we say to you the energy on your planet and by
energy we mean the life giving stuff from which you create all things. This
energy is moving faster than we have ever seen it in a form a physical
manifestation. And the reason that it is faster is because of this very
contrast that is so irritating and often not wanted. Now think about why that
is. It goes back to the idea ask and it is given. So that any desire that
burns within me the non-physical energy is answering. And if the desire that
burns within me is always born out of the difference or the contrast then you
see how it follows that in our differences of the way that we are approaching
life we are continually by our banging around with each other coming to
conclusions that are making us ask for... Have you ever had in your own life
experience, we know you have, we want to bring it to your attention, a situation
where you lived through something that seemed unpleasant while you were living
through it. But in the unpleasant consequences of what you were living you got
real clear and real sure about something that you weren't clear about at all
before that. And in that clarity there seemed to be born a decision that when
the Universe began to actualize around that decision ultimately you ended up in
a much better, much happier, much more expansive place than you were before,
because that contrast produced the desire that the Universe later answered. So
the only time that conflict seems like not a good idea to anyone is if the
conflict holds your attention. The key to letting this time space reality of
difference work for you -- hear this it is so BIG -- In the way you have
intended for it to work for you is let the contrast...Say there is a war
happening or someone is being mistreated or something really awful is happening
around and you are aware of it and out of your awareness a strong desire for it
to be other than that is born within you. And then you are one of the rare
humans that instead of going back and wallowing in the problem that produced the
desire you wallowed long enough to give birth to the desire but now you turn
your attention to the desire. This is what you talk about. This is what you
dream about. This is what you pretend around. This is your point of
actualization. And the entire mass consciousness benefits from your shining
your light and finding that desire. Now some would say, but Abraham those that
suffered in the process of giving birth should not have had that suffering. And
we say, you all said I will go forth into the environment, the contrast that
touches me will give birth to the desire and the prize of the desire is worth
everything that we are living. In other words, and you knew it wasn't a big
price to pay and there, in fact, need be no price. We are not saying what you
so often hear as translated that there must be suffering in order for there to
be motion forward. What we are saying is that there must be difference. And
sometimes you get so involved in your difference that you use something that
somebody else wants that you do not want to hold yourself so apart from what you
do want that you are self-depriving in your pushing against--you see.



Q: I know I have many questions but I find that I often disavow my own knowing by asking someone who I put on a platform. And so I came to sit in the chair because I wanted to have the experience of feeling you with me, and so I could feel our commonality rather than to feel our difference, because I tend to make the difference the factor so that I diminish myself.

Abe: And we want to help you to achieve that by acknowledging to you that we would not be here
expressing at all if it were not for the summoning by that which is you.

It's an interesting thing -- humans want nonphysical to be complete and perfect, and they want to see themselves as unworthy and trying to catch up with that. When really what's happening is that you, in your worthiness and your perfection, have come forth into this environment in order to conjure desire that summons that which is us. So we are the support of that which you are becoming. You are the leading edge, we're following through with that which you lead.


Q: Could you just say that one more time? (Laughter.) I mean, I got it but I just want to feel
it, to hear you say it again.

Abe: The appreciation that nonphysical feels for the physically-focused human who bangs around in the contrast for the express purpose of giving birth to a new desire which summons All-That-Is forward into the bright new place. And without that expansion, we would all cease to be.

So you are not, and have never been, broken and substandard, trying to [get] back into Heaven or the nonphysical. You've always been the creative genius out here on the leading edge carving the path for All-That-Is to follow. We're all in this together, and as we've said many times today, we seek to blur the line between what is physical and nonphysical. We would like to imbue you fully with the fullness that is us. We would like you to consciously love you as we consciously love you. But we cannot tweak your brain to make you think -- you get to think. That's that free will. And that free will is so essential in the contrasting, comparative experience because if you did not have free will you could not conjure a new desire. And if you could not conjure a new desire we could not move forward, you see.

And so we would just like you to love yourself more and allow yourself more of the benefit that you are providing for all of us. You see, whether you allow it [for yourself] or not, the Universe expands and benefits by your very presence here. And when we talk about Art of Allowing, we just want you in on the fun. Because whether you allow it or not the Universe expands and whether you know it or not you are of value. And whether you know it or not, we all benefit by your existence. When you know it, when you know your value, then you get warm, fulfilling feeling, that oneness that we think is what you're really reaching for.

-- Abe -- Fort Collins, CO, 6/14/03



"....Sometimes we back up and we feel the Oneness in the Universe and the love
is so big that it is satisfying on levels beyond description. Sometimes we bask on the
deliciousness of one single flower and feel the perfection of that which it is. Sometimes we
watch a troop of ants moving from one place to another and we revel in the perfection of
their knowledge. Sometimes we watch mankind in its confusion and we bask in the
clarity that will be coming next. In otherwords we can focus as brood or as deep or as
narrow or specific or as general as we choose to at any moment in time.

What we like best is focusing through one of you in a decisive moment when your
life causes you to go to that new place where we immediately go and you know why we
like that best—no one's been there before!"

Ft Lauderdale 4/02/08




Contrast is essential to new decision, and a new decision is that
Leading Edge Thought that takes thought beyond that which it has been

Without contrast, you could not focus Energy - and focusing of Energy is nothing more than coming to conclusions, or becoming decisive. And, since everything is about Energy and, since you are molders - or focusers - of Energy, nothing will ever be more exhilarating or satisfying to you than to sift, or sort, through contrast, find a clear decision from the contrast, focus upon that which you have decided and align with the decision - and then feel the Energy (that creates worlds!) flowing through you for the Creation of that which you are holding as your focus.

Most of you still are at your happiest when conditions are at their best, for most of you are still primarily observing the conditions and then having vibrational responses to the conditions. And, it is our desire to assist you in setting your own Tone so that, no matter what the conditions are, you may observe they will not influence you to a vibration different from your Source Vibration. That is the ultimate physical experience: [to] be so Well-Connected with your Core Energy that, no matter what you see or observe, it does not drag you off into the bushes into a vibration that is foreign to who you really are!

We want, very much, for you to come to the conscious knowing that you are Creators and that what a Creator is is one who focuses Energy. We want you to come to feel the oneness of your physical perspective and your Nonphysical Perspective. We want you to FEEL the fun and the clarity and the passion and the enthusiasm and the fulfillment of being a physical being focused in this physical body, using your focusing mechanism, your very individual perspective, to focus Energy!

We want you to feel the hands-on creating that molding Energy really is. We want you to begin to direct Energy on purpose and to *know* - by the way you feel - how you are directing it, how in alignment with Source Energy you are to begin with, and how much of the Source Energy, that you are summoning through your desire, that you are allowing to flow toward your object of Creation.

'Excerpted from Workshop Recordings', published in the
July/August/September 1998 issue of the Quarterly Journal

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  • The difference between source and who you might be in your physical form is that source does not allow the world to show it the unwanted parts. In other words, that's the thing that your inner being really has to offer you; your inner being (or Abraham or your source), you will never be able to drag them out of the vortex to have that negative conversation or perspective with you, you see. And we don't want you to feel uncomfortable when you are out there because the world has shown you something, we just want when the world shows you something, for you to recognize the world showed it to me because it was in my vibrational vicinity and I can train myself in a way that that will no longer be in my vibrational vicinity and then the world will not be able to show that to me again.

    In other words, do you get in your car and the radio just has it's way with you? "You're going to listen to this today! You can push those buttons, you can twist those dials, but this is what you're gonna hear; this is what I the radio world seek to show you today!" It's not that way; you have a tuner. You have control over the frequency that you tune into. And you have control over the frequency of what the world shows to you because you are choosing what it shows to you by your frequency whether you do it deliberately or by default; you're choosing it.

    Hotseater: When we make our transition and we go back to oneness; we merge into a wholeness and keep our identity at the same time?

    Abe: Well that's really interesting because it's easy for you (we're going to answer your question but you've given us something so wonderful in relationship to what you were asking before that we want to go there) It's easier for you to accept the oneness through croaking than it is the oneness through focus. In other words, seeing the world through the eyes of source is oneness too. Croaking is oneness, seeing the world through the eyes of source is oneness. It is easier to croak than to tune yourself to the frequency of source; in other words, there are buses out there right now. (smiles, audience chuckles) Run right over you and off you go. (pause for laughter)

    Don't you find that fascinating about your own perspective? That you can see the oneness through croaking, you can accept that. And we want you to see the oneness or to feel the oneness through alignment.

    So now, continue your question because you were headed somewhere before we derailed it a little bit.

    Hotseater: Well, do we keep our individual, here's me, Doug...

    Abe: Here's the thing, Doug (laughter) why would you want, we've been talking about how to see the world through the eyes of source, so it's Doug/Source, Source/Doug, in other words, it's more than just Doug looking at this world; it's source. So, the more while you are in your physical body that you allow the alignment of who you really are to help you to become this source energy being that you are, when you re-emerge into nonphysical you will recognize yourself completely as who you are. When any of you re-emerge into nonphysical you'll leave behind all that negative part of the spectrum; you'll leave behind all doubt and fear and worry, all degradation, all not liking yourself and others, you'll leave all of that behind you see. And so, for many people, when you first re-emerge into nonphysical, you hardly recognize yourself because you are so happy. But in time, it's like as Esther is allowing us to flow through her she does not feel the separation. She feels the moreness of this alignment. And that's what you feel when you re-emerge. You don't feel lost, you don't go into a nebulous soup or mist, you don't loose your ability to focus, you become all that you've become fully and you don't look back ever in regret or in wonder. You're not roaming around heaven saying "I can't find Doug. I can't find Doug." (laughter) What you're saying instead is "I now see the world through the eyes of source which is what I Doug was doing all the time, it's what I always wanted and now here I've got it" you see. We just don't think you should have to croak to have it.

    Hotseater: I agree.

    March 5, 2011 Abraham Hicks Publications

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