Opening of The Third Eye...Physical Symptoms?

Hi everyone,

I have been making a lot of progress along my spiritual journey lately. Last week I went to get acupuncture. The doctor talked about how there was one point on my forehead where the third eye was located. I didn't really think anything of it...but when he stuck the needle there I got this intense pain. Like there was all this tension built up. All the other points on my body I never felt a was actually quite relaxing.

I am wondering if anyone else experienced a pain in their forehead before their "awakening" .  It has been about 4-5 days and I have had intense migraines (and I never get migraines!). Also I feel sick to my stomach all the time now...and this all started the day after I got my acupuncture treatment.

Did anyone else have similar experiences? Or what were your experiences like?


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  • I'm not quite sure if this relates to you (especially since you had symptoms due to acupuncture), but many people have expressed such symptoms when trying to "raise their vibration", "awaken", "open their third eye", etc.  I had a similar experience after receiving my Reiki II Attunement, except that I couldn't hold anything down on top of getting headaches.  These explanations helped me through it:

    I've heard two explanations that relate to each other, but are not necessarily the same.

    1.) You could be detoxing. It's very similar to going on a juice fast or going through withdrawal.  Your body is going to have a major upheaval and release toxins stored in the body.  Afterwards, things calm down and you will feel better than before.  Everyone goes through a detox process differently and for different lengths of time.

    2.) All forms of pain or discomfort are just symptoms of something deeper.  This "something deeper" is described by many as "resistance".  And what is resistance?  Well, that's a bit more complicated and really depends on the individual.  But there are clues in each circumstance.  Since there was "pain" in your third eye area, then that means you probably have resistance to something that chakra represents.  Are you not listening to your intuition as much as you should?  Do you doubt your life choices?  Do you depend too much on outside influences rather than trusting your inner voice?  Are you looking to "gurus" or "spiritual leaders" for answers rather than looking within?  

    And as I said earlier, this topic relates to the first, but they may or may not be the same.  For example, let's view "awakening" or "enlightenment" as a flow of fresh, higher vibration energy that flows to you like a river.  Now, you are already VERY used to lower vibrations, so immediately, most people have resistance to this new "flow" simply on the principle that it is something different than they are used to.  Thus, they experience symptoms of the resistance, such as headaches, pain, throwing up, detoxing, etc.  When the resistance is let go, the symptoms go away and the detoxing ends.  

    Now, let's view our "spirit energy" or "personal vibration" as part of the aforementioned river, but with a gate that separates the "me" part of the river, from the "All/God/Higher Self" part of the river.  The more we resist by doubting ourselves, hate, anger, sorrow, hopelessness, etc, the more we close the gate and cut off the flow.  By the time we reach adulthood, most people are very closed off, for various reasons.  The New Age community seems to be obsessed with the idea of "awakening" or "raising vibration", but all that means is letting go of the resistance you hold and opening the gate to the river.  It is a choice to be cut off.  It is the natural inclination to be "enlightened"!  That is why young children are so special.  They have not chosen to close their gates as much as adults have chosen.  

    In any case, along with this obsession to "awaken" comes a fervor to force enlightenment to happen.  This is the equivalent of throwing more positive energy (or adding a flood) into the river that you are already closed off to.  That energy (or water) is going to hit that closed gate HARD and cause a backlash because you aren't ready for it - even if that energy is "positive".  That backlash may cause physical symptoms such as headaches, body aches, nausea, depression, anxiety, etc.  And as that energy (or water) is trying to force its way through, what does our unprepared psyche, spirit, body do?  It fortifies that closed gate to make it stronger and more resistant.  Thus, it causes more backlash, more resistance, more fighting, more pain, and more symptoms that something is not right.  

    So how could this possibly relate to you?  Perhaps the acupuncture session allowed too much positive energy flow to you than you were ready for.  Perhaps you are ready for it, but you need to listen to the inner voice within on what things are still holding you back a bit (otherwise there wouldn't be pain).  What things in your life are you still having trouble with and causing your gates to still be not quite open as you would like them to be?  

    Really, it could be a myriad of possibilities, but it all boils down to some sort of resistance.  And no one can tell you what that resistance is, except for you.  And you'll know it when it dawns on you.  It will be an "A-ha!" moment, and once it's let go, the symptoms of resistance will disappear.

    Hope that helps.  Be well ~

  • I get a pressure and pulling sensation in that area.

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