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About the subject of NOW basically, but specifically when Abe mentions connections to past or future creations, for many wonder what Abe says about that.

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The power of NOW:

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  • Here is the text for that response, it's good to have it here too just in case...


    Reply by PDM on February 4, 2013 

    Nice thread.  

    Hey, do I have goodies for you! And I found it all effortlessly, thanks to google, as if handed to me on a sort of Universal tray or something, lol :)

    The following are some NOTES from an Abe workshop, that I found at a site, details below:

    The questioner wanted to know WHY Abraham doesn’t recommend “going back” into the past to uncover childhood trauma and other hurts in the hopes of identifying and removing obstacles to joy...and Abraham proceeded to beautifully explain that there is nothing lurking in the past that can affect the present. THE PAST IS NOTHING MORE THAN A CURRENT SET OF THOUGHTS THAT YOU ARE THINKING NOW. It is only activated patterns of thought in the NOW that affect vibration, and that only by getting into the Vortex NOW will you be able to be in your power.

    They likened the Vortex to being on a merry-go-round that is spinning fast, and that “exploring” past hurt and trauma knocks you off the merry-go-round and into the bushes...and when you feel bad, you can’t get back on. This analogy brilliantly went deeper, explaining how when you ARE in the Vortex, and therefore in your power, you WILL at some point, by training your thoughts, be able to be in the Vortex, look at a past contrasting event, and actually BLESS and LOVE the contrast that made you a stronger and more expanded version of you. Each past trauma, each hurt, put TREMENDOUS POWER in that Vortex (vibrational escrow), and when you are THERE in the VORTEX, you are HAPPY that LIFE CAUSED YOU TO BECOME YOUR INCREDIBLE SELF. (My words are not capturing their profound message - we will have to wait patiently for the CDs!!)

    Abraham-Hicks Workshop NOTES 5/20/09 Boca Raton, FL
    (notes by angelman66/heAbeForum)


    ALSO these notes, same place:

    “The brain is not a storage bin. It is an energy receiving and transmitting mechanism.” Therefore, you do not need to look at the past for anything buried or hidden. It is always your habit of thought now that causes connection or disconnection.

    “You only have to deal with what happened today.”

    Give intent for improvement in your NOW.

    When you are in the Vortex, you will be able to look at previously painful episodes of the past and BLESS the contrast.

    “ALL pain and suffering are self-inflicted.”

    We have the ability to focus (and feel) on purpose. This gives you access to your dreams and visions.

    On “the futility of trying to focus on a problem”:

    “Everything you worry about is bogus.”

    “ There is no reason to replay something you don’t want to relive.”

    If you know when you are and are not in the Vortex, trust that you know how to get right back in. “Something--anything--you can appreciate is your lifeline.”

    “This is what I love about...[fill in the blank]”

    “Follow the impulses that feel good”

    “Watch for the signs and become expectant.”

    “You are never punished for being disconnected.”

    You have a responsibility to your dreams and visions.

    The purpose of existence:

    Forward motion

    Thrilling moments

    Things to look forward to

    “It is the nature of a creator to create.”

    “Source only looks forward.”

    “The mantra of Source is ‘more’ ”

    Abraham-Hicks Workshop NOTES 5/20/09 Boca Raton, FL
    (notes by angelman66/heAbeForum)


    And there are some great ones too in that same thread on other subjects:

    Click for the post here


    This is separate, a direct Abe quote now about a 


    - posted originally by DivineLove on November 10, 2009


    GUILT GETS YOU NOWHERE. Guilt is self-deprecation. You are love of self, love of all, you are love. You cannot be love and guilt at the same time — they are opposite vibrations.

    So you say, "I’ve decided to be very tidy. I’m going to make my bed every day." And then you think of all those beds you didn’t make. And you say, "I guess I have to go back and make all those unmade beds." And we say, good luck with that one. You could not possibly do anything about them. Just make your bed today!Just reach for a better feeling now, and never mind anything that has been, because you can’t do anything about it anyway, and you don’t need to.

    You stand right now, as this pure, powerful, blessed, beloved, all powerful, all knowing, all deserving Being. And anything that has happened before has nothing to do with that.

    Abraham-Hicks - Excerpted from the workshop in Monterey, CA on Tuesday, August 21st, 2001


    Separately again now,
    From the Hicks site, for those interested:


    Looking back. Is it worth it? Do we need to heal the emotional and psychological traumas of our past in order to move forward?


    And that's it. I so love and appreciate all this, including google's search engine, haha, excellent :)


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  • I'm glad you did this, the responses were amazing in that thread. 

  • LINK:

    Healing the past?

    Good to have this link here :)

  • “We are not big encouragers of past anything.
    Past life regression or even remembering this experience 
    even as recently as yesterday, 
    because there’s so much potential grid-filling-in power right here and now.

    If we were standing in your physical shoes,
    our undivided attention would be upon the preparation of the grid.
    What can I do right now that is the most fun thought that I can have?
    What is fun and full?
    How can I love now?
    How can I feel good now?

    Our complete attention would be upon that, 
    because in understanding the power of that point of attraction, then 
    the details are just gonna fill in with a good moment now, 
    and a good moment now, 
    and a good moment now, 
    until you can go through a day where everything that happened is just delicious. . 


    Day after day of perfection in rendezvous,
    all available to you NOW!
    Why would you EVER focus upon the past?!
    The only reason would be because 
    you’re not holding the space to allow the grid to fill in with what you want,
    so you’re reaching someplace else 
    for something more interesting,
    or more satisfactory, 
    or more satisfying.

    Oh, that was so good.”

    From the Abraham-Hicks workshop in North Los Angeles, CA on 7/14/12

  • My pleasure DS :)  I love to be of help here, because I love all this stuff.  Thanks for linking the thread.

  • i put this under p for past, present .... and i'm putting it under c for "changing the past" for now.....sometimes people will find what they want easier even when stressed if we use the "trigger words" :)

    thank you for taking the time pilar, i thought we'd done this and finding out we hadn't telling how long it would have taken me very! nice to not be here all by myself :)

  • Thanks DS! 

    And here is the quote I meant that goes very well with what DS wrote about the subject. :D



    So let's say when you were in high school someone mistreated you in some way and you never really got over it. You remember the hurt, you remember the wrongdoing, you remember how you felt, you remember the disadvantage that you took away from it.

    But then you left there. Eventually you stopped talking about that person. And while you still occasionally have people treat you in that way, it doesn't come up very often, and you don't think about it all that often.

    And then someone says something to you that triggers that and now it's active again. And as you begin pondering it you feel that hurt all over again. That means your vibration never moved from that hurt. You haven't been thinking about it so it hasn't been a big player in your vibration. But it's been lying there dormant with the potential of being activated. And now something has happened that activated it.

    So OUR encouragement is that sooner or later you take it and you talk it downstream. You do it on purpose. It might take you two or three days, here and there, and here and there, but you leave it in a whole different place. Now you've left it in a different place, it doesn't have the potential of ever being activated again. In other words, you've moved yourself to a new place ...

    So when you deliberately talk about that subject and talk yourself into alignment about it, now that can never creep up again, all of your power is right here, because all of your ability to focus is right here. And before you know it those vibrations become your dominant vibrations which makes you impervious to mistreatment, it makes it not possible for anything other than what you want to flow into your experience.

    As long as anything other than that is happening, it means you've got those vibrations still active, so there's still some work to do.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks
    San Francisco, 2-24-07A


  • you are da bomb! thank you pilar. linking immediately, ma'am! and i know that there are other conversations on this from abraham that we can scrutinize....will contribute anything i find too! yay! we shall build a thread :)

  • And I'm thinking of one post in particular that I posted in another thread some time ago, I'm going to look for it later and forward it here, iit'll fit great with what DS said about it.

    So now we have a thread, DS!  Go ahead and link it if you like :D

  • Posted by Pilar del mar (yours truly) on 1/7/12 

    DS wrote in part in this thread: "...abe tells us how to change how we feel about our past that we can feel and attract differently right now...but everything that came before was perfect in the process of creation soooo...erasing it from having happened?"

    And DS also wrote: "... feel differently now...AS IF WE HAD CHANGED THE PAST....but really we've changed our vibration...not any physically manifest events that took place in this world…"

    Pilar wrote:

    I think Abe would agree with you, DS, good way to put it :)

    And here's a quote from them that I had saved:

    Abe- We want you to come to know so purely the Laws of the Universe,
    that even if physical evidence says to you "You can not" that you
    say "I CAN".
    Because the evidence is only a product of what other people have been
    vibrating. The evidence even if it is in your body is only a product
    of what you have been vibrating .
    It has NOTHING to do with what you will vibrate from here on!!
    The Law is acting in the NOW... That's why we are not excited about
    history... The Law [of Attraction] is vibrating in your NOW and you
    are finding your harmony with it or against it.
    Guest - Abraham... Are you saying then that from any moment forwards
    you can un-create what you have created in the past?
    Abe- We would use this terminology. From where you stand…YOU CAN BE
    We would not talk about it in terms of un-creating because then you
    are giving your attention to what you don't want and you get stuck
    You can supercede a negative creation with a positive creation. You
    can replace something you don't want with something you do want.
    Absolutely!! No matter what it is …NO MATTER WHAT IT IS.
    Abraham-Hicks - Extract from Abraham-Hicks tape G- 10/31/92

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