• I took the liberty of adding a page to the forum with the main page of Abe By Topic duplicated here instead of my blog. If you look to the right of your screen under the member's images you will see it. Thank you Marcy for giving the okay. I'm totally sucked in and glad to have been. 


  • And thank YOU Patri for putting this together!! And all you offer. :-)
  • you can find favorite threads by using a menu you or someone creates. i have made a menu that i offer for others to use if they wish.

    scroll down past the mini course and alphebeticezed topic links and under general threads you will see...

    General Threads (Not Topic Specific)

     Abe Radio


    Favorite Abe Quotes

    Favorite Abe Quotes ~ One Liners

    Favorite Abe Quotes ~ Short

    Funny Abe

    Hotseaters Interrupted

    Speed Rounds

    Trouble Shooting

    the menu seeks to capture abe's perspective and spirit about how to emotionally point from as many emotional setpoints about as many topics as possible in order to be do and have whatever it is that we want. the purpose is to allow as many users as possible as personal an experience with the material as can be had upon first discovery and through out the learning, implementing, trouble shooting and continuing the livestyle phases. perhaps you will find it useful. 

    i've appreciated your activies in that thread particularly. not being focused on that myself as much as I have been it is heartening to know that pathways of consciousness that are uplifitng are being created and held steady for the value that they bring. any collaboration in nurturing this space and the material within is personally appreciated. thank you athena for your activites in self uplifting. it adds to what others can uplift THEMselves with. and as always...thanks be to Esther and Jerry and Abe for the material and Marcy for the space. 

  • A great Abe excerpt!  A good reminder that manifestation is a by-product of happiness. Thanx for the Share, Athena!

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