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Abe on Resistance

Are you aware that the only thing that ever keeps any of you from
living precisely as you are wanting to live is your own level of

Extract from Abraham-Hicks Jan/Feb/Mar 1996 newsletter

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  • Just plain no thank you isn’t resistance. Resistance is that belief that I don’t have the power to choose. You are not powerless!”

    ~ Abraham-Hicks - Norfolk, VA, Oct. 24, 2000 

  • Your life-experience is causing you, constantly, to become more than you have ever been, as Source or as being in this physical body. You are the leading edge of that which is Source. Source is so exhilarated by the discoveries that you find, and you have to become one with that exhilarated feeling in order to really feel complete. We would use words such as, It isn’t that I don’t feel free. It’s that I can’t quite find the way to be who I have desired to be. It isn’t that I think I can’t do it. I just haven’t figured out quite how to do it. It isn’t that I don’t know what to do. It’s just that I don’t know exactly how it is going to play out. Maybe I don’t have to know what to do. Maybe knowing that it is out there for me and that Source is calling me toward it is enough for me. We think that you are looking for clear signposts along the way and you don’t get it that it’s just the choice right now of which thought feels a little better. We think that you are trying to make too much of your motion forward. Your motion forward has already happened. You lived the life that gave birth to the motion forward and Source was so in agreement with the motion forward that Source became one with the motion forward. So the motion forward has already happened. You don’t have to work for that. You have to RELAX for that. You have to LOVE YOURSELF for that. You have to LET it happen. You have to ALLOW it to happen. You have to be aware of the fact that it IS happening. You have to recognize that you ARE worthy and that it IS unfolding and that the Universe IS working for you. It’s happening in the best possible way for you! When traffic feels like it’s not flowing, it’s happening in the best way for you. When your body feels like it isn’t working, we want you to say, “It’s happening in the best way for me!” We want you to begin to assume that it IS working, it IS working, it IS working! I just can’t see where it’s going. But it IS working because it is ALWAYS working. It is ALWAYS working. The Universe is ALWAYS yielding to me in the best possible way that I will allow right now. When you say “It IS working,” you allow it even more. When you say, “It’s not working,” you disallow it. You’ve launched all kinds of rockets of desires. Source has lined up circumstances and events to accommodate them, and can you see how an attitude of “It’s working! It’s working! See, there’s evidence there! I see evidence there! It’s working!” softens your resistance and allows what is working to work even better? Can you feel how saying “It’s not working” offers a vibration that does not allow it to work even though it is lined up to work? You have done enough living and enough dreaming and enough imagining and enough asking that you have a very strong current that is pulling through you and when you don’t let yourself go with that flow, there is a part of you that just cannot comprehend what is happening that is not letting you go with the flow because the flow is so real to you. Rye, New York, 10/05

  • suddenly the power of distraction takes on sacred contexts :))

    distracting others or self to feelings of ease. to feelings of fun. this is service to ourselves and those we love.

    morning chew toy. yummy good. thanks ET


  • i KNOW...right?!

    the whole point is joy?

    growth is inevitable...get through it as best you can or chose a direction before one chooses you....freedom is inevitable too so discern what you aim for...cause all consciousness wants you! meanwhile...source surfs joy and we are learning to do that too. 


    i'm so glad you are here michael. you are an example and inspiration to us all. the average man in the magnificence that he top form. how many ways can it be better and more? and o my this is so good right now.


    i have decided it's time to test my muscle memory again...back bends and backwalk overs beckon...somersaults and cartwheels...they are bubbling out from within.

  • one person riot...yes...i can see what you mean by that



    michael's in the house!!...right on your heels and came to rampage...just swung through this thread cause i saw that you did post.

  • Hi Deliberate Sifer and others.


    I have been doing the Abraham Guided Meditation for at least 4 plus months everyday...Then all of sudden I just do not want to listen to it anymore, it no longer feels good to meditated. I have not listened in over a week. I'm wondering if I am resistancing change? Should I just stop the meditation until I get in a better feeling place about it or should I continue the meditation anyway?

    • Hi. Abe has talked about stopping and starting...restarting when you think you might be kinda gettting acclimated down a bit.


      Semantically too....treating the cd like an Abe with all abe processes...if you don't feel like doing it...don't. It won't help and will probably make any resistance much worse.


      (the rest is pure

      I like what it does WITH me...if that makes sense, you...lately i  find it a bit of a chore and my mind gives me a run for my's hilarious how it distracts itself and i'm not sure if the thoughts are in the vortex or out...but my breath IS synched up. meanwhile my distractability is also what makes me a great allower sooooo....


      i like to play the cd for hours or days while doing other things. abe has talked about jerry and esther also doing that and recommended recently that a painter use it while painting. for me... it's really fun bc sometimes i'll be walking into a room thinking something and abe will completely agree and confirm with where they are on the's like a conversation. lol.


      as a way to actually calm myself down...for me the cd doesn't work. when i'm upstream...trying to use it just makes it worse. abe has also talked about this.


      no clue what you or even I should do...but ritualistic...that doesn't seem like what freedom looks like...just boiling the question down to the's a process...just another abraham process...that's what this cd is.


      i have an opinion that i'm forming...this is not from abe...but there are many an american that already knows to watch out for extremes in emotions, there's even a whole ethics train of thought regarding triggering emotions in others in some colleges...point being...that desire to stop and start might be a healthy one that keeps the human experience stabler...might "slow" down manifestations...or seem like it does...but i think what it really does is takes the drama out of manifestations...out of the emotions of the creator...(the extreme moodswings when you are in the vortex and all of a sudden out OUCH!)...watching your peaks as well as correcting your lows makes deliberate creating more "normal feeling"...more busy-lifestyle friendly...something like that. but that's just me thinking. which has nothing to do with abraham's thoughts. what i've heard from them on that is also in bold specifically on "do you have to use it everyday forever?" lol...seems to me from their perspective whatever you's all good. the benefit is there for you, please yourself first.

    • Thanks Deliberate that was helpful. Thanks for taking the time to reply. peace
  • what?! mean it's safe to come out? la! okay.



    coast is clear



    what'd the baseball player get told?

    put your head up and fluff your tail feathers out and stand there in all your beautiful magnificence for all to behold...then.....ya ya..


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    ah. so it was you that did it.

    very good.

    was blaming myself for a bit

    now i can be off the hook and just have fun

    fabulous stuff.

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  • lol...i barely write..i hope you realize mostly what i put here are quotes from abraham...hence...yeah...good stuff! right!


    i do have an agreement with myself though...if my bills are paid i wish to serve others, its where my satisfaction is at bills are paid and marcy set up the house and abe does the couldn't possibly make it any easier on myself. wait...i could...all those semantics and sometimes people with real questions from low on the would be easier, a more sure thing that this is a good thing going on here..if there were a rampager hanging out...holding the tone nice and stable. willing to examine a detail or two if its something not known yet sure...or just...never mind all that...which way to the vortex; pied piper for those that can hear and let the semantics take care of everybody else.


    i'm more like the clean up crew and you are the love in the house


    not kidding even a little, michael...sometimes i do acclimate down a bit...takes awhile and is all good at the end of the day/week/month..,  because of my focus on semantics....they ARE just the stepping stone to allowing. they are also where my passion is at ...i'm smart to associate with strength and clarity like what you've got.


    just because it's true doesn't mean it's not FLATTERY!!



    you rock  michael...hope you know what you bring just by showing up. hope you notice the rise in energy...YOU DID THAT.

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