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There is no reason to worry about your thoughts, for they are not like a loaded gun that may wreak powerful and instantaneous destruction. For although the

Law of Attraction  is powerful, the

basis of your experience

is that of



And even though your thoughts are magnetic and expand with your attention,

 you have plenty of time -

as soon as you become aware of any negative feelings

- to begin to choose

other less-resistant thoughts and there-by choose

a more desired outcome.


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  • Yeah waterlily, I had a similar reaction to it. It was the "you have plenty of time" aspect that touched me. I am prone to be in a hurry at times, especially when it comes to changing negative to positive. Today I'm not sure how I feel. A little down. I'm not going to chase the feeling to get at its root unless something prods me on to do so. I figure it'll surface if it needs to. I'm just feeling glum. Ok, I need to feel "a little less glum" at least later. That's how I pivot at times. A little less this, then a little more less this, then more (positive, happy, etc) It sometimes takes me a number of "a little lesses" to go to the more, but even when I don't get there it still helps.

    Today I sense I need to let myself be as she is. Altho as the day goes on it seems like I'm feeling worse. Ok, we'll see what happens here. I'll update.

    This all is quite interesting.
  • You're very welcome, Patra. Thank YOU for all that you do here, for all of us.
    • shoot...this is just what it takes for ME to figure this out. i copied my college books too.
  • Love this one! thank you
  • Thank you for this Del Sif (*S*). I need this at this moment and glad I clicked on this.. hmmmmmm, I may need to come on here more often.
    Thanks again.
    • ah..thanks for the email feed...lol...this is just the thread i need right now, somehow i ended up in a fight with my two year old and am needing to TALK MYSELF DOWN lol.
  • Manager, I want to feel like [this]. Bring me whatever is appropriate for me. You've seen every yippee and yahoo that I've ever uttered; you know who I am; you know what pleases me; you know what pleases me in people; you know what pleases me in places; you know what pleases me in food; you know what pleases me in cars; you know what pleases me in everythng. You've been with me, you know what pleases me. So bring me stuff that pleases me. Organize a path for me and guide me to it."

    downstream from abraham hicks. thank you daisy!
  • nice downstream thoughts from Abe, we can thank Daisy for passing on her focus session with the next two coming....

    "I know I want to feel good. I know I want to be happy. I know I want to interact with other people. I know I want it to be uplifting to me and to other people. I know I want it to be creative in nature. I know I want it to be something I really want to do. I know I want to wake up thinking about it. I know I want it to be something that, no matter how much time I'm spending in doing it, it still stays fresh, and new, and evolved. I want it to evoke the best for me. I want it to be something that I can exchange for Well Being in other ways. It would be nice if dollars would flow as a result of it. It would feel really good if in the middle of it, I can feel that I'm really on my path."
  • Make peace with wherever you stand. And here's the most important part: When
    you feel despair, or anything that doesn't feel good, and you reach for a
    thought that feels better, what comes right along with that is a conscious
    awareness that you *do* have some control of your experience. And friends,
    we cannot emphasize enough the importance of that conscious awareness that *you
    can do something about the way you feel.*

    When you choose a thought that feels better than the thought that you were
    choosing before, and you consciously acknowledge that you had the power to
    choose it, and that you *did* choose it, and that it *did* change your
    vibrational frequency— now, there's no place you cannot go. Now, that cloud
    of despair, that cloud of not being able to control your own experience goes

    It is so important that you decide today (well, you can decide tomorrow; you
    can decide any time you want to, but it will be important to you when you
    make this decision) that you're not going to try to jump frequencies… *It
    doesn't matter where you are; you can move gradually into increasingly
    better places.*

    The thing that is so important is that you, now, once and for all, make a
    decision that the relativity you're going to be aware of is only going to be
    the relationship between how I *am feeling*, and how I *want to feel*.

  • ........., speaking from your vantage point, we really want you to
    internalize that sentiment: nothing is more important than that you feel
    , because when you feel good, you are hooked up to that which is
    good--and allowing continuous manifestations of same

    *Excerpted from the workshop in San Antonio, TX on Saturday, January 29th,
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