The Value Of Feeling Good

Abraham By Topicfor self study, quotes reference, topic specific personal experiences....Topics By Thread Here...turn the audio off or down if you prefer...Kicking off with a quote...more to come in the thread...You say, "Well, I'm compelled to tell it like it is." And we say onefactor has to click into place before the compulsion will be to thinkabout where you're going rather than to think about where you are -- onefactor -- you have to want to feel good ....... you have to want to feelgood MORE than than you want to tell the truth. That's what has toshift within you. IT HAS TO BE MORE IMPORTANT THAT YOU FEEL GOOD.Abraham -- San Antonio, TX 11/24/01 tape 2Abraham By Topic Navigational Links:Back To The Main Topics PageIf you hear music, check your tabs, you probably already have the main page open!Abraham By Topic A ~ B ~ CAbraham By Topic D ~ E ~ F ~ GAbraham By Topic H ~ I ~ J ~ K ~ LAbraham By Topic M ~ N ~ O ~ P ~ Q ~ RAbraham By Topic S ~ T ~ U ~ V ~ W ~ X ~ Y ~ ZDS

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  • Abe: ...So as you stand in your now whether you are a
    child or an adult and you look out into the arena of
    your life and you see things that make you feel good,
    it is lovely to look at them. It is lovely to see
    lovable things. Lovable things make you feel love,
    they just do. BUT IF you become dependent on lovable
    things in order for you to feel love, now you have to
    step into the category of control in some way because
    you have to control the conditions. If it is important
    that the conditions be lovable in order for you to
    feel love then you are trying very hard to control
    conditions. And it doesnt have to go very far before
    you realize you cant possible control the conditions.
    Where when you discover that you can feel good because
    you want to feel good and the conditions to do not
    have to be modified in order for you to feel good then
    you are so very very free!

    G - 3/17/01
  • You are magnificient Daf. A true powerhouse.

    Came in to drop a quote too

    ... There's nothing for you to do.
    Universal forces are in motion.
    Things are unfolding.
    Your work is to relax and allow.
    To RELAX and allow.
    To RELAX and allow.
    No matter what! No matter what.
    There is nothng that steps outside of that.
    There's nothing more important than to relax and allow.
    Nothing. Not one thing, ever.

    CD -3/9/02 - San Rafael, CA
    ( personal day to day experience )

    Last night, an image came to my mind.
    Some people surrounded me, giving me a pat on my back and
    the warmest congratulations.
    It was so warm and i do not know where that image came from and why
    but i entertain it
    and i enjoy it because it is giving me a very nice feelings.

    In the morning at the office,
    while i was having a little chat with my boss,
    he praises me like he never did before,
    He said i have the talent that few people can have,
    that he likes the way i work,
    that it is very nice and
    it makes his life much easier.

    I learn that as a well being,
    as an extension of Source
    as a part of positive pure energy
    We cannot do anything other than win.
    that when a beautiful thoughts pops in our mind
    and gives beautiful feelings
    we have to nurture it
    The Source is calling us to have it.

    *** Daf ***
  • It is not necessary that you figure out what you have been doing to
    limit your Well Being. It is only necessary that you no longer do it.

    Abraham, Gaithersburg, MD, - 10/21/00
  • You say, "Well, there's plenty of physical evidence that supports these
    truths that I know are the way that it is!"

    And we say, "It is only because you focused that way that it is that
    way. Try focusing another way and watch how fast it becomes."

    The key is you have to want to feel good MORE than anything else.

    Abraham -- San Antonio, TX 11/24/01 tape 2
  • As you CHOOSE to see things as you CHOOSE to see them, your world
    becomes that which you have CHOSEN to see.

    Abraham -- San Antonio, TX 11/24/01 tape 2
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