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©Jerry & Esther Hicks
San Rafael, CA—3/4/98

Addressing the concept of wasted natural resources.
Q Abraham, good to see you again.


A It is nice to be seen.


Q I wish you would address the question of waste. I have spent probably the last 30 years of
my life trying to simplify my life, recycling everything, doing my duty in this fashion, and I have
pretty much, as you already know, made myself an enemy of the consumer society.


A Yes.


Q Right. And I hear you say, “Consume. Consume. Consume.” Or, “Spend it. Spend it.
Spend it. That’s the way we create. That’s the way our passion flows. That’s the way we’ve got
to go.”


A Yes.


Q And it is... There’s where I feel resistance inside me because, you know, I want to do... I
want to save things, and I have a kind of relationship to things, like my old car and the old radio,
and I have a great deal of difficulty... Well, I don’t have difficulty letting go. I can do that, but I
sense a definite contradiction, which may not even be there. It may just be a plain old problem
with abundance again in not being... Between what I’m hearing you saying about consuming...


A Well, the two subjects are very much intertwined. The thing about abundance and the
thing about waste. But we want to give this to you fully. You will hear it very easily here.
We have to say to you, first, that in all of the galaxies, in all of the Universes, in all of the
time/space reality that we have focused, the only species, that we know of in all of all of all of
that, that believes in lack is the human physical Being. Now, we may go back to talk about how
you got there a bit, but mostly what we want to say to you...
We want to give you an understanding of how all of this works. If you step back into the
broader view, you understand that everything that is physical is an extension of Nonphysical
Energy, and as you understand that the Nonphysical Energy is continuous... In other words,
everything is moving forward. Everything is becoming more. Law of Attraction says that it must.
So, when you understand that there is this endless source and that the only thing that even
remotely relates to the feeling that you call waste is the disallowance of the Energy.
In other words, think about the Energy that you call electricity that is coming into this
room and feel it up against your circuits. In other words, it’s flowing into this building. Now, as
you come into this room, you don’t look for a dark switch. In other words, you don’t try to cover
the Energy up with an inky, filmy stuff. Instead, you just stop the flow of the Energy. In other
words, you stop the circuit. You stop the Energy from flowing, and when the Energy does not
flow, the absence of the light exists. Now, that absence of the light you could call lack. But it has
been imposed by the physical human who stops it from flowing or who did not summon it to
begin with. But its existence—its potential—is always there for you.


So, the only thing that even remotely resembles this feeling of lack that physical man...
Shortage. In other words, not enough time, not enough money, not enough clarity, not enough.
All this not-enoughness is the very resistance that we have been talking about. It’s the
contradictory thought that disallows the Energy from flowing, but it does not mean the source
was not there. It would be...
If you were standing at Niagara Falls and someone explained to you, “This is your source
of abundance. Wellness flows in this amazing flow. Wellness, clarity, dollars is all flowing to
you in this Niagara Falls and these falls are yours and yours alone to use in whatever way you
are wanting in this lifetime. Oh, wait. There is one other. See, way over there on the distant
bank.” And you look way over there and you see a tiny little figure of a thing over there in the
mist and you are told that other one person and you share all of this abundance and Energy. And
you say, “Oh, there is more than enough than either of the two of us could ever...”
You would not find yourself worrying about what he did with it or worrying. You could
barely see him, anyway. You would not worry about what he would do with it or what he
wouldn’t do with it because the abundance is so enormous. Instead, you would get focused upon
how you would utilize it. And you would begin to understand that even if you gave it every
waking moment of this physical experience, you could not even begin to make the slightest
difference in this Stream. It is so big that...
And so, finally, when you get it that the Stream is enormous and eternal and ever present
and always flowing—finally, once you get that—then, you stop worrying about what anybody
else is doing with it or about it, and you just develop your relationship with the Stream. Now, if
you ask for more of it than you have a way to channel, you’ll feel discomfort. You’ll feel out of
balance. If you ask for more of it than you allow to flow through you, you’ll feel the discomfort
within you because you have not yet established your relationship with the Stream. If you don’t
find any place to flow it, you’ll start feeling uncomfortable and unfulfilled, maybe even guilty
for not utilizing something that is there for you. But it doesn’t have to do with waste. It doesn’t
have to do with anybody else misusing it. It has only to do with your relationship with the
Stream, you see.


Q I’m about to come with you on the business of “my abundance does not deprive anyone”.
I’m close. I want you to know that.


A Yes. We can feel that.


Q But, this... And you’ve almost said it and I think this is going to be it. There’s something
about the respect that I hold for certain...for everything. For things having to do with the Earth,
as you know, and I don’t want to have the attitude... What I don’t want is the attitude of waste. I
guess that’s what I’m really talking about.


A Well, here’s the thing. You see... Go back to the place that you found—we felt you find
it—of, this is about my relationship with the Stream. So since the Stream is as big...
Let’s say that there are a hundred people on the planet utilizing the Stream but the Stream
could provide for trillions of trillions of trillions, but there are only a hundred of us utilizing the
Stream. There would be no concern about it if this big pot of abundance and Well-Being were
seen to be that efficient and profuse. No one would worry about it. Let’s say that because you are
all different and because you’ve come forth with different intentions, each of you find different
balance within the Stream. It is not written somewhere that you all have to take from it equally. It
is not written that you all have to do the same thing with it. But what happens...


This is where we began here today. Most people are not aware of the way the Energy
feels as they flow through them. Instead, they’re running around charting the results of how
others have flowed the Energy. The Senate today and yesterday is inquiring of Bill Gates, and
what they are essentially saying to him is, “You are taking more than your fair share of the
Stream.” And what he is trying to explain to them is that the Stream is endless and the only
reason that I’m getting this much of it is because I found vibrational harmony with it.” He says,
“I can’t beat my success off with a stick.”

Q That’s right, that’s right, that’s right.

A Yesterday, the Microsoft stock rose an insignificant amount but because of his share
holdings his profits, his increase in profit yesterday, was over seven hundred million dollars.
While they were all jabbing at him and hating him and condemning him for his success, he just
made another seven hundred and forty million dollars—because he understands his relationship
with the Stream. And he sat there perplexed. He knows that in a million years he cannot convey
to these small thinkers—who still believe that there is only this much and that they have the right
to divvy it out—that they are the keepers of the Stream. And Esther said to him, as she went to
sleep last night, “Mr. Gates, do not lose your place in this. Remember that the Stream will
continue to flow and it doesn’t matter what they do. They cannot legislate your success away
from you.” In other words, no one has control of your vibration.
So, when you finally get it that the resources are endless and what comes to you has only
to do with your desire and allowance of it and you stop worrying about what anybody else is
doing with it and you trust—now this is the hard part—that the Universe has the ability to supply
anything that anybody wants. Do you know that there are people that are starving in this time of
enormous abundance? In other words, there are... The abundance is there for all, and there are
those that have themselves in such a vibrational place that you could not do enough for them to
keep the abundance flowing, you see.
So, now let’s talk about this subject of waste and try, if you can, to put it in the context of
the balance that we have been talking about. Let’s say that you have a new partner that you’re
sharing living space with, and this partner loves automobiles and has already developed a
relationship with abundance, so dollars are no object. In other words, there’s no end to the
dollars that flow. And so, every day your friend brings home another automobile, and for the first
three or four days it was pretty fun. They were magnificent. Some of them were sports vehicles.
Some of them were utility vehicles. Some of them are luxury vehicles. One of them is a big Earth
mover. In other words, every day this friend brings home another...
And now, you begin to feel imbalanced because there is not a place to put them. Your
neighbors are starting to complain. The garage was full long ago. Now, that feeling that you
might call waste is bubbling up within you, and we would say, rather than calling it waste, let’s
call it, just for the sake of this understanding of Energy, it’s an imbalance. In other words, when
you summon more than you are flowing through... In other words, when you crowd your
experience, when you clog it up with Energy or water... If you drank endless water and never
allowed any of it to flow through... If none of it flowed through perspiration or through your
digestive system, your body would explode. Your body would suffer. In other words, in and out,
in and out, in and out, in and out. The Energy must be in motion in order to be in balance. In and
out. In and out.
And we think this feeling of waste that you’re feeling is the feeling of summoning it in
and not letting it out. And if you summon more in than you are releasing, then you get this
imbalance, you see. And the reason that it feels uncomfortable is because, as creators, you’re on

this apex, you’re on this very special culmination point where desire and belief meet, and when
you are in perfect harmony with this Energy, you’re just flowing along in perfect motion with all
things. But if you get the Energy coming in faster than you’re letting it flow, there’s an
imbalance. Or, if you don’t let the Energy come in in harmony with your natural ability to allow
the Energy to flow in, now you are all out of whack.

Q Okay. The only question now is, am I depriving myself of creativity... You know, a
passionate creation of my worlds by simply staying with my old car while she’s bringing home
five or six. Right.

A Let us take a segment of refreshment. When we come back we want to talk specifically
about your car. This is a very important topic. We want to help you feel... You see, is it righter or
wronger for you to stay with your old car or have a new car every year? There’s no right or
wrong in this. It’s all to do with the vibration that is within you. We just want you to find the
right feeling place as you are making these decisions.

Q We’re close.

A Good time for segment of refreshment. We are complete.

But, what if everyone wasted resources?
A You still have the microphone.

Q I do. We were talking about waste, and particularly the question of recycling, which is
one that I wish you would address. Should we or should we not recycle? Does it depend on our
own personal circumstance?

A In truth, you see, you cannot stop recycling. Sometimes, if you step back and take a
broader view... Every now and again, we will hear Jerry or Esther say, as they see someone
littering or as they see someone doing something that they personally would prefer that they do
not do, and Esther will say, “What if everybody did that? What kind of a place would it be?”
And then, in time, as Esther relaxes a little bit she hears us say, “But everybody is not doing it.
Everybody is not wanting to do it.” When we speak of the balance of your time/space reality,
we’re not just talking about the right number of frogs and the right number of rabbits and the
right number of humans. We’re talking about the perfect combination of desires and beliefs that
you hold, as well.
And so, what happens is, it is our absolute promise to you, that the Nonphysical Energy
that orchestrates this balance would not set forth an imbalance in terms of desires and beliefs. In
other words, you come forth in this perfect... Your balance is so perfect that do you know that
anyone of you who desire anything, the resources to have it in its implicit specifics are here for
every single one of you. In other words, there is no possible way that any of you could ever be
denied anything that you have the ability to desire. The only thing that denies you is your own
misalignment of Energy. In other words, the resources are there. The Law of Attraction is in
place. The probability of your developing the idea is there. In other words, everything that is
necessary for this ongoing, leading edge time/space reality is here for you. And the only thing

that ever messes any of you up is when you get in this place where you’re pushing against
You heard us say this the other day, but we want to reiterate it here because it’s at the
heart of this dilemma. Everything is about attraction, which means everything is about inclusion,
which means everything is vibrating and as it is vibrating on purpose or not, the nature of its
vibration is causing other things of similar nature to come to it. So, there is no such thing as law
of detraction or law of assertion or law of get-it-away-from-me. In other words, there’s no such
thing as “no.” Everything is about... Everything is about, this thing that I am giving my attention
to, I am now including it. I’m now becoming it. I’m now joining it. I am now at one with it.
Everything is about attraction.
So, as you are standing here in your physical bodies and you are paying attention to the
way you feel, and giving your attention to those things that feel best, then only those things that
are in harmony with what you are wanting, do you have vibrational access to. As you see this
thing that you want and you say “Yes” to it, you include it in your vibration and, therefore, in
your experience. As you see this thing that you do not want, you include it in your vibration and,
therefore, in your experience.
So, is it possible to experience the lack of something that you want? Yes. By noticing that
it is not there. But does that mean that it is inherently not there? No. That means that you’ve got
your valve shut off to it. So, what if there are people out there that don’t know what they are
doing? What if they are choosing wrong? In other words, what if people misuse the Law? We
say, that is not possible. You say, “But, Abraham, I see people doing bad things to each other. I
see people...” And we say, your awareness of what you do not want, and your shouting of “no” at
what you do not want, causes you to include it in your vibration. So while you may see all kinds
of people getting things they do not want, you have never, one time, seen somebody get
something that they were not in vibrational harmony with.
Q I can dig that. That’s fine. Can I interrupt?

A Certainly.

Q Because that has to do with human Beings, and you and other people in my whole life has
convinced me that, sure, human Beings are... Dealing with human Beings means dealing with a
species that is attempting to regain Consciousness. It means that we are in a sort of intraspecies.

A Yes.

Q But when we start dealing with the environment...

A Yes.

Q ...which has been the place, all of my life, that I have found the closest thing to what I
find when I do the kinds of things that you suggest...

A Yes.

Q ...that has been the place that I have found my true positive Energy.


A But let us ask you something. Do you think...? Does it...? Just try to find the logic in this.
Do you accept that Nonphysical Energy extends itself into this physical reality?

Q Yes.

A And do you accept that it is from that Broader Perspective that your Earth was created
and is maintained?

Q Yes.

A In other words, do you think it is from the Nonphysical Perspective that your Earth
continues to spin in its orbit and that the Life Force continues to come forth in the seed of the
tomato to give it longevity over generations? And so, if you accept that that Nonphysical Energy
is holding your planet in perfect balance in proximity to other planets, cannot that same trust
cause you to expect that the balance of all things would be such?

Q I would like it if that were true.

A Do you think that a man who is pushing against, or a whole clump of men who are
pushing against, has access to the Nonphysical Energy?

Q No.

A From your own experience, you can feel when you’re connected and when you... Do
believe us when we say, “One who is connected is more powerful than a million who are not?”

Q I would like to believe that.

A So, can you see that...? Let’s say that half the population got on this wasteful rampage
where they were gluttons and misusing and utilizing inappropriately and leaving... Do you really
think that it would be any more significant than a flea on the back of a dog in comparison with
the Well-Being that flows?
You see, the only thing that we see coming from anything like that is that one litters or
one consumes more than you would like or one messes with the environment in some way that
displeases you, and then millions of you use that as your excuses to disallow the Energy Stream
from flowing to you. In other words, the only waste in all of the Universe that exists is the waste
of not utilizing the God-given Energy that would flow to you naturally. The only waste that has
ever occurred in all of this Universe is me, in this moment, mad instead of joyful, me, in this
moment, discouraged instead of hopeful, me, in this moment, blameful instead of appreciating,
me, in this moment, confused instead of clear, me, in this moment, sick instead of well.

Q Touché.

A That is the only waste that could occur, you see. And on a more physical note, if you step
back a little bit from the specifics of what you are living and see the regeneration of your
planet... The volcanic activity. The plates moving about. The oil that you are pumping today are
past civilizations. In other words, we promise you if they had been wasting, it would be in their
dumps just like they are in their dumps and it all comes out as oil. In other words, it doesn’t

matter how many chemicals they used or how much Styrofoam they used or what they did with
what because you cannot come forth as a species disproportionate to what your planet can
provide for. It will not happen. The orchestration of the balance of your population is tended to
from Broader Perspective that knows that balance and sets Well-Being into motion, you see. You
get the sense of what we are talking about?

Q I do. I do.

A And so, the only thing that ever goes wrong is one of you, instead of paying attention to
the way your Energy is flowing, looks at something that you think is wrong. Calls it wrong. Uses
that wrong thing as your excuse to not let the Energy flow, and then when the Energy’s not
flowing, and you start withering, you start crying about shortage. And the shortage isn’t
happening out there. It’s happening in here only in you.

Q Thank you.


A Indeed.

©Jerry & Esther Hicks
San Rafael, CA—3/4/98

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  • No matter what the issue is, don't try to justify why you don't feel good. And don't try to justify why you should feel differently. Don't try to blame whatever it is you think the reason is that's keeping you from feeling good. All of that is wasted effort. Just try to feel better right now.

    --- Abraham

    Excerpted from the workshop in Tallahassee, FL on Sunday, January 21st, 2001 # 225



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