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Once the Creative Process is understood, you will be filled with a
sense of joyous freedom, and you will no longer fear the actions of others.

No other, no matter how powerful, or how big they seem to be, has the
power to create within your life experience. And if they are within your
life experience it is because you have invited them through your thoughts.

You will not attract that which you do not give thought to. Therefore,
give thought only to that which you wish to attract---and give no thought to
that which you do not.

And once you understand that you control all that is attracted into
your experience, then you will be free of fear of being violated by
something out of your control. All arguments that are to the contrary, come
forth from those who do not understand the Creative Process. Those who see
themselves as victims of the actions of others do not understand the
Creative Process. Those who blame others do not understand the Creative
Process, for nothing comes to you without your invitation.

Recognizing that you are the sole creator of that which you experience
is the first step in taking deliberate control of your life.

Being in control of your life sounds wonderful to some of you, but many
of you resist that thought, for you do not trust your ability. You doubt

As you recognize the broadness of your being and the vastness of your
abilities and knowledge, then you will want, very much, to be the one who
makes the decisions and who thinks the thoughts that bring into your life
experience that which you experience---and you will be most unwilling to
allow others to interfere in this process that you have intended for

Abe: A New Beginning I, page 88

Personal Note: the answer to the way out of situations where others are getting your goat (or your stuff!) is right there in the quote: understand the creative process. There is a thread on that here to get that process started, and the more you spend time learning about it, the better things just naturally go for you, or anyone. Here's the thread on the creative process: click here. Many other threads in the Abraham By Topic Series also contain over lapping information, but your best bet is to always sign up for the monthly or bi-monthly cd subscription from the Hicks, and let Abe take you down the trail of setting yourself free. ~ DS

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  • It does not matter whether you are living in a country where there are some frequent terrorist attacks, or in a country where there are random acts of violence. It does not matter what the culture is — it is only the feeling of vulnerability that ever puts you into a vibrational harmony with that which you fear. When you realize that by working to achieve your feeling of Well-being, it is then impossible for you to ever rendezvous with anything other than Well-being — that is the only place that freedom will ever be.
    --- Abraham
    Excerpted from the workshop in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, August 18th, 2001 # 505

  • Uplifting other nations/people

    Tahiti Cruise CD 8

    Hotseater: ...we had such a connection around coming from Africa, and I've managed; this is why things are so good and I'm so thrilled in my work situation, I've managed to manifest a job where I have more creative control over what I do than I've ever had before. And I work in the media. And what I'm doing is working on a show which is aiming to shine a spotlight on the positive things that are happening on the African continent. Um, as I know, set against this sea of negativity. And its wonderful and I find myself surrounded by people pretty much, very much in alignment with that. Maybe I'm lacking in confidence around this because it's new, but I am aware that in looking at what's going on on the content, I am focusing on the "reality" so to speak and then turning it around to show the positive aspects, I will be spat out of the vortex occassionally, which is fine; I like the risk because it gives me a platform, and you've helped me understand that a lot more during this seminar. Can you give me and help me, give me a rampage of apprecation around this issue? Around staying focused positively every time I look at Africa and my desire for everything around that issue, because I know what's in the escrow, I know its massive, it thrills me when I focus on what is in the vortex with regard to that continent, because I have such an intimate relationship with it, but part of my problem is that I do get emotional. Like I was saying, I get too overwhelmed by the pain of the past and so on, so I just need a rampage of appreciation that I can refer to when I'm feeling that kind of overwhelment of sadness.

    Abe: Well, in every meaningful, and there have been many, risings of societies up from unstable or treacherous pasts, there have always been a leader or leaders who were able to separate themselves enough from the debilitating fray that they could get out and get a fresher look. You will not be able to find a movement, a religion, or a nation that has experienced that kind of positive upheaval that did not follow that sequence of events. In other words, every time, someone like you lived the pain of it and put the desire of it in their escrow enough and somehow found a way of focusing more upon what was wanted than upon what is, so that law of attraction brought them to the place where they then could be apart from it enough that they could maintain in a stable, chronic way, attention to what is wanted. You said so much just now because you can feel that when you turn your attention; you said, "I want to focus upon the positive aspects." Totally an in the vortex statement. And then you said "Set against the backdrop of such contrast." which spits you right out of the vortex.

    Hotseater: Yeah

    Abe: Because you just can't go there. And so, the upheaval that you are feeling within yourself is that you think that your work is to find a path and pave it so well that then each and every one of them can follow you. And that's a flawed premise because if they're in a vibration that's different from the solution, when you lived the problem long enough that you sought the solution and now you've found vibrational access to the solution and it bouys you. But, your knowing the solution and shining the spotlight on it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone will see the solution that you're shining the spotlight on. Because the vibration of the problem and the vibration of the solution are different vibrations just like the vibration of the question and the vibration of the answer are different vibrations. So, if you can hear us when we say to you that this that you are doing is not about uplifting the whole of Africa, it's about your journey into the vortex. It's about your finding alignment, because if you can find alignment, if you can find your way into the vortex, so can each and every one of them, you see.

    So, if we were standing in your physical shoes, remember what we said earlier, that, as we were talking to our friend that you have many options but there are two that really stand out? And one is that you can; the significant one that we were wanting to point her toward was looking at the positive aspects right where you are. And that's why when you have framed up this documentary, when you have framed up this presentation that you are wanting to offer and you are focusing upon the positive aspects, you have found the vibrational latitude, you have found the vibration of the solution as you focus upon the positive aspects. You can't focus upon the positive aspects of what is without in the same moment being a vibrational match to all that is wanted. So think about what will happen. Think about the power of this movement. There are a few movements happening like this happening upon the planet today. Think about the power of this movement. All this plight and all this struggle; can you even begin to imagine what that has put into this vibrational reality vortex? It is incomprehensible with a human mind to even take in the perfection of what has been created as a result of all of that. So then, you, rather than asking all of them to come over here suddenly, which they cannot do, even yourself you cannot do that all of the time; you just acknowledged sometimes the vortex even spits you out. As you begin a rythmic process of focusing upon the positive aspects: There's harmony in that nation. There are people in the vortex in that nation. There is alignment in that nation. There is beauty in that nation. There is creativity there in those nations. There are all kinds of things to revel in and appreciate and shine a spotlight of apprecation upon and so as you find those things that you focus upon that bring you into the vortex, not ...in other words: feel the difference. This is what we're stammering around about: because it feels like you need to go into your vortex and find alignment with all of that before you can lead them there and what we're saying is that also and much easier to do is to focus upon the positive aspects that already exist and in the focusing upon the positive aspects that already exist you will move into the vortex where all of the expansion is.

    There could be a person, let's just call it a person to make it easier to understand, a person who has ten dominant personality traits, and nine of them could be awful to see and experience. And one of them could be pleasing. You could focus. So, during your exposure to this person and all of these personality traits, those awful things caused you to build a brilliant, beautiful vibrational escrow regarding that person. They helped you. By knowing what you don't want to know what you do want. They helped you to define a much better relationship. If you then focus only upon that one positive aspect that's easy to focus upon, you go into the vortex where all of that expansion and improvement has occurred. You see what we're getting at? Or, you could do the opposite of that and a lot of people do; they could have nine fabulous personality traits and one horrible one. So they focus upon the horrible one which causes them to create a brilliant improvement in vibrational escrow, but then they keep just focusing upon that one flaw, and therefore depriving themselves of all this expansion. So, the most important thing that we want to say to you is: make this be an exercise and only an exercise of you getting into the vortex. Don't ask it to be something where they all have to come. Because, they'll be slow to come and that's why the vortex will spit you out. If you can focus upon the positive aspects in the way that we can feel you want to, you will singularly enter the vortex where all that all of their plight has created and one who is alignment with desire is more powerful than millions who are not. And you will find the beginning of this powerful, quickly evolving movement. It just takes one (whispers).

    Hotseater: Therefore I don't need a rampage of appreciation, I can make it myself as I go along? Is that what you are telling me?

    Abe: Well we are saying make it a rampage of appreciation, but make it your list of positive aspects.

    Hotseater: Yes.

    Abe: What we are really asking you to do is to get in the vortex and then look and appreciate. Get in the vortex and then look and appreciate. Get in the vortex and look and appreciate. Get in the vortex and look and appreciate. Get in the vortex and then look and appreciate. Get in the vortex and look and appreciate. Get in the vortex and look and appreciate. And before you know it you will have so established your self in relationship with all of them inside the vortex that the energy that creates worlds there; that's what the power of influence is, you see. Most people are looking at what is and coming out of the vortex and then worrying about it and trying to do all of their work from outside the vortex. That's what all of this conversation with you has been about. We just want you to understand; you gotta do your work from inside the vortex and when you do; they will hear you. Because they're not over there only, the larger part of them is over there in the vortex, you see. And when you get in there and you revell in it and you work with it and you take pictures of it by focusing on the positive aspects, you will awaken in them what's over here, you see. That's what influence is. That's what upliftment is. That's what healing is, you see.

    Hotseater: Thank you.

    Abe: Several people have said I feel gratitude or I feel grateful, and we want to help you to clean up the vibration of that because grateful usually means: I'm in the vortex and I'm glad I'm not still over there. I'm grateful that I don't still have that. But then, there you go. When you feel appreciation, you're in the vortex and you stay there. Lists of positive aspects, rampages of appreciation, that's alignment with who you are. And gratitude is about the past.

    Hotseater: Okay. Let it go. What I wanted to say; as a facilitator, what I do is I present a program, we have a discussion, maybe two or three people, some one on satalite. You know the typical television situation. And even though our guests have the desire, just like I do to focus on the positive, because of habit of thought there's always that focusing on the negative and I'm always working to say, "Okay, what is it you want, what's the solution? Yeah, we know the problem, now what's you solution? How do you see it? What's your dream? What's your desire?" and so on and so forth. That's what I meant, how we will inevitably look at the problem when we try to look at the solution.

    Abe: But can you hear, we've approached this a few times here and we want you all to leave here really feeling this; and so here's the big question: when you are inside the vortex, let's put it in a stronger statement. Is it right, do you think, that someone inside the vortex could focus upon a problem? Just sit with that for a minute. Inside the vortex, can you be in the vortex and focus on a question? Can you focus on a question from inside the vortex?

    Hotseater: mmhhhmm

    Abe: Can you focus on a problem from inside the vortex?

    Hotseater: No

    Abe: Well now, wait.

    Hotseater: Yes, you can.

    Abe: What's the distinction? In other words, if you are solution oriented, then problems are of value, aren't they?

    Hotseater: Yes.

    Abe: If you are solution oriented, don't you just love a question that's gonna take you to a new place? So that's what we meant when we say let your work be about you in the vortex and looking at positive aspects and you in the vortex looking at positive aspects and ....we want you to so practice focusing upon those people in those places from inside the vortex that you begin to see them through the eyes of source. Haven't you wondered ...many people ask this question. Haven't you wondered how source, how this loving, nonphysical energy could allow such unpleasant things to be? And we say it's because source does not see contrast as unpleasant. Because source understands the value of the contrast and the expansion that it provides, you see. So as you come to be predominantly in the vortex while you are focused upon what's over there, every time, you see when you pick up the stick that has a problem on one and and a solution on the other, it's still the same subject. And many people would say "Well we shouldn't pick up that stick because there's a problem on one end." And we say "Yes, but there's a solution on the other end." And they say "Yeah, but still, we shouldn't pick up that stick because there's a problem on one end." And we say "Yes but there's a solution on the other end." So, when you've oriented yourself to the solution end of the stick, now, even though you are focusing upon what many others may see as problems, you soothe the problem because the active vibration within you is the solution. Can you feel that?

    Hotseater: I do.

    Abe: There's a big, big difference. Let's say you are physician who knows about the well being of the physical apparatus. And you know about all kinds of remedies that put things back into vibrational alignment. And so someone comes to you and they have a cancer on their body, but you know what a temporary thing it is and you appreciate the contrast of it and what it means and you know the value that that can be for that person and can see because you have foresight because you know about the laws of the universe so you are nonplussed by it, you're not upset by it, you're stable in your knowledge of their wellbeing even though their temporarily not living it or feeling it themselves. So as you hold them as your object of attention, knowing the potential for well-being far outweighs their potential for not-well-being, you convey to them energy of assurance and you soothe them with it. But if you are a physician who's freaked out at every little probability of things going wrong and so they come to you and they say "Look at this" and you go "oooooo! oh my god! How long has that been there? You should have come sooner! You should have been checking longer!" In other words, there's in the vortex offering of help and there's out of the vortex offering of help. And the only help that helps is from inside the vortex.

  • So they had an experience with someone that caused them to expand, but then their attention to that person that caused them to expand is what caused them to keep from taking their expansion and so then you come along and you see them struggling which causes YOU to expand. In other words, you can't have a relationship with anyone; hear this, we haven't talked about this a great deal and it's so right on what we're talking about here; you cannot have an experience with anyone, but let's talk about these kids that you are teaching, when you have an experience with them, whether you know it or not, you put a version of them in YOUR vibrational escrow. If they're angry, you put them there feeling better. If they're sick, you put them there as well. If they're abusive, you put them there as feeling better and treating people better. If they are mistreaten, you put them as being treated well. In other words, every exposure to every one of them causes you to put a version of them in your vibrational escrow, which means you expanded to a new place, and used them as your object of attention to do it. Then, as you look back at them as they are, it tears you apart. That's what we were talking about earlier; they caused you to expand and now it feels like they're keeping you from the expansion that they caused. Feeling how this all fits together? They caused you to step one, source joined you with that knowledge of who they really are, and now you're observing them and since they didn't get there yet, they're still over their right there where they were, but they caused you to move on. So, your discomfort, we'll just say it as bluntly as we can: your discomfort isn't about them. It's about you. Your discomfort is because YOU expanded and you're using them now as your excuse not to go. And that's what we meant when we said earlier, that's what makes them extra extra problematic, because you're all tied together vibrationally. They hooked in, vibrationally speaking, a peice of them is in your escrow, so, you're in essence, eternally tied to them. That's what we mean when we say every relationship is eternal. You've had a relationship with them and now you became more and now there's no separating the you that you became from the them that inspired the becoming. And when you look back at the very root of what inspired your becoming and you don't let yourself become, they feel like the problem. So, the answer is, so they prod you, let's use some real words. They prod you, they taunt you, they abuse you, they misuse you into your expansion. And in any case, you've gotta say "thanks". (guest laughs). In any case, you've just gotta say "ahhh!". And, when you're over there, oh you feel it. When you look back, you say "damn". But, you've just got to, because the source within you is always appreciating the new place that you're standing. Revelling in it, you see.

    LOA In Action Episode 10, disk 1

  • Utilize your system for recognizing disharmony. In the moment that you are
    aware that your warning bell is ringing, ask yourself, "What thought, word
    or action has caused my warning bell to ring?" And then state, clearly, to
    yourself, what it is that you *want* regarding the subject.

    It will dissipate, and in its place will be harmony and satisfaction.

    --Calendar, p617

  • So let's say when you were in high school someone mistreated you in some way and you never really got over it. You remember the hurt, you remember the wrongdoing, you remember how you felt, you remember the disadvantage that you took away from it.

    But then you left there. Eventually you stopped talking about that person. And while you still occasionally have people treat you in that way, it doesn't come up very often, and you don't think about it all that often.

    And then someone says something to you that triggers that and now it's active again. And as you begin pondering it you feel that hurt all over again. That means your vibration never moved from that hurt. You haven't been thinking about it so it hasn't been a big player in your vibration. But it's been lying there dormant with the potential of being activated. And now something has happened that activated it.

    ... So OUR encouragement is that sooner or later you take it and you talk it downstream. You do it on purpose. It might take you two or three days, here and there, and here and there, but you leave it in a whole different place. Now you've left it in a different place, it doesn't have the potential of ever being activated again. In other words, you've moved yourself to a new place ...
    So when you deliberately talk about that subject and talk yourself into
    alignment about it, now that can never creep up again, all of your power is right here, because all of your ability to focus is right here. And before you know it those vibrations become your dominant vibrations which makes you impervious to mistreatment, it makes it not possible for anything other than what you want to flow into your experience.

    As long as anything other than that is happening, it means you've got those vibrations still active, so there's still some work to do.

    San Francisco, 2-24-07A

  • Jerry: What is our greatest value to those in need? If we see a friend in a negative situation, living something truly unwanted or living without something that the person very much does want, how can we help? In other words, how could we be of advantage to others, rather than a disadvantage?

    Abe: Whether your friend is feeling negative emotion because of the situation he is in, or whether YOU are feeling negative emotion because of your awareness of the situation your friend is in, neither of you is aligned with your broader perspective. Your awareness of your friend's problem is a true disadvantage to him, because you're amplifying the vibration of the problem and therefor; adding to it. Often, your friend draws you into keener awareness of the problem by continually discussing specific aspects of it, but with every moment of attention that you give to your attention to the problem of your friend, the further from really helping him you are.

    In this contrasting world in which you are focused, any attention to your problem does cause you to vibrationally ask for solution. And those solutions do begin lining up for you. And so, you could actually add to the power with which your friend is asking for solutions, by discussing the specifics of the problem, but he does not need help in amplifying his problem in order to intensify his asking; that is a natural process that the contrast of the Universe provides. There is no reason to deliberately stir up problems in order to stir up solutions.

    You are of no discernable assistance to your troubled friend unless you are able to focus in the direction of the solution, in the direction of what he wants, or in the direction of what you desire for him. If you are determined to feel good, and you are able to focus in the direction of improvement for him, dispite his continual prodding at his problem, your power of influence toward improvement will be powerrful. In other words, when you focus in the direction of the solution, you join forces with your own Inner Being, with HIS Inner Being, AND all of the cooperative components that Law Of Attraction has already assembled. If you allow yourself to be the sounding board for your friends problems; your power of influence will be paltry, and you will be of no value to your friend.

    But something even more troubling is now occurring. Your friends problem not only launched vibrational rockets of desire in HIS vibrational reality, but your association with him, and your focus, has caused you to launch vibrational rockets about your friend into your vibrational reality. In other words, this experience has cause an expansion in you. And if you do not focus in the direction of your expansion, if you do not focus on the possible improvements for your friend, you will pull against you own expansion. It is important to realize that the negative emotion that you often feel when you are worried about a troubled friend is actually present because your focus is pulling you apart from yourself. Your friend may be the reason for your focus, but your friend is not the reason you are pulling against yourself; your focus is the reason for that.

    Looking for positive aspects and expecting good outcomes for your friends is the only way you can be of value to them. For there is no action that you can offer that is strong enough to buck your current of negative attention.

    Jerry: So, we're not doing ourselves or the other person any favor if we discuss our problems or concerns with them?

    Abe: Indeed not. Nothing good ever comes from focusing in oppostion to what you desire. It is detrimental to you, and to whom ever you draw into your negative conversation.

    The Vortex

  • They don’t need to understand. You don’t have to rally the troops in order to have. For heaven’s sake, this is someone who is an extension of Source Energy. And every thing that is what you call God and Source is vying for this one and
    calling this one forward, you see.

    What you are wanting to do is influence someone into the Vortex but all you can do is get in there yourself.

    You cannot influence someone in the Vortex from outside the Vortex and when more people come to understand that there will be a lot more miracles
    going on, you see. Think about it from your own perspective just for a moment. Imagine that you are the one who is sick and someone is
    holding you as their object of attention and they so know everything. They know, they know you are sick but
    they know you are asking for wellness in a stronger way than you ever did before and they are fixated upon your wellness and celebrating the wellness result already. And now they’re looking at you but they’re knowing, they’re knowing you here. Think how that would feel to you. Think how that would feel.

    Now, have someone walk in who sees you and is worried about you. And is playing stupid games with you to try and distract you from your worry. You get a sense of what we are talking about?

    In other words, feel how it feels when someone knows your strength or when someone knows your weakness. You
    ever have anyone criticize you? How does it feel? How does it feel when someone focuses upon some lack in you and gives it your undivided attention? You feel the diminishment of their gaze, you see. And think about how it
    feels when someone looks at you and just knows your value, just knows it, you see.

    But you got to practice knowing it.

    Most people only know what they observe, so well children make them feel one way and sick children
    make them feel another, and what this child is saying to you, the whole reason for this experience, this powerful teacher coming forth, is to say, you gotta find a way of looking at me that makes you feel good and don’t ask me to be it first. So, if you have access to this child where you could have a conversation, what you would say, "hey thanks for waking me up. I was looking at you like you are instead of like you really are."

    Chicago 2009, CD No. 4, Track 6, 2:36 - end

  • So it would be like going to a restaurant that has the
    ability to provide you with wonderful things, of all different kinds of
    cuisines, and sitting there with no comparative experience. All you've had so
    far is mother's milk and mush. So you don't KNOW. You don't know how delicious
    and delicate some of these flavors can be. You haven't had enough eating
    experience to experience the perfection of that particular kitchen. It's way
    more advanced than your ability to enjoy it.
    And that's the way this physical world IS for almost all of
    you. The potential for enjoyment is so much more than almost anyone is ready
    for because you're not enjoying the contrast that causes you to define and
    decide. So every defining moment is setting you up for a more satisfying manifestation.
    Every defining moment. Every single defining moment. Every rascal. Every moment
    of abuse. Every moment of misunderstanding. Every moment of sickness. Every
    moment of anything unwanted has sharpened your ability.
    Abraham-Hicks, San Diego, 8 20 11, The percentage of being in his vortex

  • These beings, that are acting out in those ways that you find so awful, are tormented and suffering in ways that you will not understand. Their horrible acts are extensions of that pain. We also have to say to you—no one who is not a vibrational match to that could be their victim.

    --- Abraham

    Excerpted from the workshop in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, January 31st, 1999 # 287

    ( to splain why this is not "blame the victim"...its just this pain in the as_ thing about law of attraction..if you have moments of emotional trauma for any reason, any issue upsetting you over long periods of time manifestations start to get dramatic and they manifest either out in other people and/or in your health. so you can get some horrible experience just by worrying for ten or fifteen minutes a day about a variety of things that are pretty normal to most to worry about, heck some will tell you worrying about it is a good thing, it makes you a good person. but when you are flowing source energy deliberately or living in times of fast moving energy like these...things are exaggerated and the manifestation that comes is more dramatic than the emotion..it is bigger, it is more as dictates the law's aspect that there can be no regression; the mantra of the universe is "more", the mantra of source is "what now", somewhere either from abraham or from watching and hanging out blending with abraham came a mantra of "better and more"...that's how i feel like surfing this world. there is such a thing as worse and more though. that's real. as real as you feel it in moments here and there. that's why this works effectively really only when you get picky about how you feel. i love the caveat that who we are must always be seeking win-win.)

  • Ditto Michael!!! That's a profound quote! ((((DS))))
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