In Ask and It Is Given, one of the processes mentioned is scripting. Abraham suggests writing out what we want in detail, or what we want to have happen that day (or at least that is what I used it for). This is so we can attract what we want but also so that we can begin to tell our stories differently. Oh, he also said to have fun with this.


I've only done it for today so far. Beginning this discussion was one thing I "scripted".


Have others of you done this process or otherwise used writing in your spiritual growth? How did that work for you?

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  • That's cool Jackie. If we don't keep our dreams in the forefront of our minds we're likely to travel down many broken roads and get lost.

    Right now I'm struggling with some unbelief so it's hard to focus on my desires. I didn't realize that until I wrote that sentence --- writing at work right here!

    Guess I ought to look at those dreams to reduce resistance and gain more faith.

    Thanks, you spurred this all on.
  • I do it daily and even if I did not manifest what I wrote: I do it until it does manifest...it can take time but it works!
  • I have one that I wrote many many years ago with a line that says "there are beings, I am told, for whom the quality of your soul determines its taste in their bowls"....


    But then, Abe talks often of how our satisfaction and delight and relief and alignment is one of the most joyous aspects of non-physical life, in fact, when we line up they get in on it and that IS as good as it gets. This is the peak point right here and now when we blend. They even said recently that they "devour" us vibrationally in delight.

    The version from many years ago and the version that I am learning from Abe are saying the same thing. But my own ability to get that years ago from the ethers that feed poetry in the still of the night...I only had access to the sinister sounding interpretation of that vibrational truth.

    Love to see how far I have come sometimes, and that shift was ALL Abe. Just paying attention and being willing to test their teachings, and willing to believe that my judgment regarding them is worth banking on.
    • They are something(s). lol It's amazing to me how much I used to read, who I used to read, was saying the same stuff but Abraham makes it different somehow. Not different, but casts it in a new light. The word "vibration" was a new concept to me. That we have vibrational relationships to even inanimate (or are they?) objects is not new to me. I just didn't tell people what I thought then.

      Most of what I think about spiritually today is Abe as well. It seems to come out in my responses to many things both on this community and other places as well.

      And I'll second that "ew" and add a "w" EWW...
  • Ah poetry. I so seldom take the time to sit down and play with poetry and JUST ANOTHER AH-HA from writing a post on PI, that is just what I should be doing. I usually set myself free when I write poetry, or used to, unless I set myself up by saying, "I'm going to write a poem" then I get tight.

    Thanks DS for the reminder of poetry.

    And it is interesting to re-read old poems. Some of mine are pretty freaky and disjointed.
  • Wow. You go girl! I have one journal (well it is like the 30th one as I've kept them since 1970) where everything goes into. Sometimes I write on the top of the page "scripting" or "gratitude lists" so I can refer to some of the positives easily.

    But I think it's cool you have different notebooks for different things. We seldom talk about this but I think re-reading journals is just as important as you can see your growth and relearn things that you discovered before, at least if you are as forgetful as I am.
    • I am willing to bet a nickle that I am as forgetful as you are Judi. I do it on purpose! (lol)

      My favorite thing about old journals is remembering wanting and then remembering getting or noticing how that came. Evidence of life working out according to preference which then makes new, unfillfilled desires much more fun because the look back bolsters belief in the look foward.

      Old poetry is interesting too. Shows the emotional evolution which can be a lot of fun to laugh off

      Robin, you inspired me to have more spiral notebooks in my life like I used to do. When I travelled for a few years I packed more weight in paper than clothes and shoes. You rock, those were really fascinating days now that I recall.

      Nice chatter to chime in on. Thanks.
  • I am constantly writing as it is a tool I have always used to help remember and I love writing. One of my many notebooks on hand I use for Abrahams suggested processes. At any given time I will just start writing out a small new story as though I am writing a play and it details a lot of my desires as though I already have them, So far all processes have helped and life for me just keeps getting better and better. I really love writing so its so awesome how much fun I can have with all of this through my writing. I also have the appreciation journals, etc. So I can easily say that it works really great for me.
  • I think too in instruction on "allowing the customer to find you" marketing and even pre-marketing...they say believe that your product is good and stoke the fires of your own belief in and appreciation for the product. Good enough...like you said. Gotta beat the drum of how much those that are looking for it are going to love having found it and how it's going to open their eyes to such fun and self-empowerment. (like you said) :)
    • Gawd - did I say that? (I did) That I want it to be "good enough"? Sounds like a not-very-exciing-vibrational-point to me. My novel entertains hundreds of thousands of readers...as they wait for the second book of the trilogy.

      I'll work on the verbage. You get the idea.
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