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Stamford, CT 10/2/10

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"You get to choose the past that you think about. You get to choose the present that you think about. You get to pretend into the future.

You get to imagine. You get to pretend that your lover doesn’t love you or your lover does love you. You get to pretend that money is flowing or isn’t flowing.

You get to choose it all, you see.

You get to use the power of your mind. And you get to have emotional/vibrational responses to those choices until you can be in and in and in and in and in and in and in and in [the vortex.]

And once you make the vortex your home, once you’re usually hanging around in the vortex, then what happens is...."




(...insert feeling better and all good things you want feeling possible, and feeling like the universe knows you intimatly and seeks your pleasure and what you want is logical and then!~DS)


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  • i love my past. i look back and see a source guided being that was oblivious and impossible to contain, that hit the ground running and never looked back again because forward was the point for being and this forward is meaty and satisfying and freedom and pleasure and harmony incentived and life on this planet is so very moving forward....i love our collective platform and how i fit in with that and am also irrelevant to that, i love knowing my freedom and safety that is and was always with me.

  now is supported completly by the answer of all that i was oblivious to and stronger than no matter what methods were used because i was being guided by myself


    ... my future is based only on the feeling of my source sharing my focus in this world or me looking for that again. and the seas part for me and mountains do my bidding, as it should be.


    nothing but good things happening to me and because of me...forward, now and backwards...that's all i see now. yay.

  • I love that phrase " you get to pretend into the future" and YES the Vortex is my home!!!


    Drew  :)

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