Anyone can join!! You are never alone, if you can open your mind to the prospect of a guide for a moment, then your guide can have the chance to show you that they are with you.
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  • May your Heart Vibrate with the ONEness of Creation
  • I am open for messages and assistance from my guides, thank you for being, thank you for guiding me through this wonderful journey we call life.
  • Global LOVE Day

    LOVE to ALL
  • I am sorry I have been away for so long, I started to feel that I had to do more work on myself and my 'real' life and now feel ready to be back and to help people. Clara is open to recieving messages after much time being quiet and allowing me to grow. Much Love Kat and Clara xx
  • Levels of Vibration
    Let us not forget that we are a Range of Vibration
    Each Level serves it's purpose in making us what we are.
    From Child to Adult to Enlightened Being.
    The Base Animal Level is just as important as the Highest Ascension Level.
    Otherwise how would we have survived, or experienced or understood each other.
    Think now how irritating it would be if an Opera Singer just sang continuously at the highest note.
    We must vary the tune and live the range.
    Also, you know yourself when you are ill what your basic needs are.
    Those temporarily stuck at this level need compassion, understanding, guidance and grace.
    Shine as Colourful as can BE.
  • Hey :) I love to read sonia choquettes books and find they really help alongside the law of attraction - ask your guides is a great read :) x
  • my health, I don't feel good, spirit guides, what is wrong with me
    and how I can fix it?
    I want to feel good, feel healthy, function properly,

    Each of us has such beautiful LIGHT inside.

    The many facets of our surface sometimes become tarnished due to environmental factors.

    It is necessary then - with the help of our LOVED ONES, Family and Friends to ensure that these surfaces are kept polished so that the Colourful Brightness of our BEing can SHINE from In to Out and Out to In.

    When we SEE that someone has decided to SET themselves behind the tarnish and do not wish to be removed from their chosen setting... (thus letting their light dwindle)... give them a little tickle with the smooth cloth of humour.

    This normally does the trick and works like magic.

    Share the Light and Polish Frequently.

    We are Diamonds.

    Some have it rough... but remember they polish up beautifully to.


  • those are beautiful words Paul, really nice words.

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Help from Guides!

I was told by a psychic that my spirit guide's name was Veronique and interestingly enough... that was the name that came to me a number of years before the reading when I prayed!My auntie told me years ago that the dead are very near and they help us through our lives and I have to say from what I have experienced, it's true for me. So there is Veronique, but there are also my loved ones who have passed, and an angel or two as well.I find that I can sit quietly and pull them into my spiritual…

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How do I know whose my spirit guide

Hi all, I am new to this group, just read a couple of do I know whose my spirit guide and one more thing I would like to have clarity on is at times I hear some inner voices or whispers in my ears if I'm thinking about something or tensed but not always but it's always when I want to hear it I don't..would appreciate some guidance on it. Thanks

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Lots of questions

Hello all,something brought me here after a looong time, so I suppose I will write my story here and maybe will get some answers that will make sense to me :)This group is full of light, believing and lovely people, so I hope my story will be taken with care and anybody out there, who have had similar experiences can come back to me and share, teach or explain the meanings.First of all, I have had spiritual experiences since my childhood and I believe it has some reason to be like that. But…

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