Hi all: I have posted this on another groups forum but thought you might have suggestions.  I want to quit my job and I haven't because I want the money and because of my family.  I feel trapped their and I just want to leave so badly that I tried pretty much everything I know about LOA and affirmations to get what I want and so far nothing.  Any advice you have would be very much apprieciated.



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  • This was answered in The Science of Getting Rich!
    Envision yourself in the job you want everyday till your overcome with emotion over it, get yourself some decent affirmations or afformations whichever you're in to and give your total focus on the job you'redoing now. You don't need to focus on the not, nothing has happened yet, the only day you have is today and if today you're in that job youdon't want, a quick visualisation of being in the job you want and keep the emotion with you the whole ay and in every conversation and transaction. That should do it!
  • Hi reiki queen , I'm in the same position as yourself with work , it's not that I dislike the job but the boss it's very good . I've just found the secret and I'm starting to put it in to practise so I'm hoping for change in the future , as the book says , they and think of things as if you already have them , blessed be :)
  • Oh, I'm so sorry this has happened to you Jackie. Thank you for sharing your experiences here. I am so lucky to be employed but I am sure your story will help others to see how important it is to find anything we can enjoy, appreciate or learn from wherever we are now. Giving gratitude for specifics in our lives literally brings more circumstances in our lives/jobs to be grateful for. Really feeling the feelings of gratitude and not just saying them aloud makes an amazing difference.

    Additionally, an improvement in your diet can boost your self esteem and as a result, you will find other areas of your life improving. If your diet is healthy maybe there is another habit you feel you could do without? I know it seems like a daunting task, giving up something you enjoy, when you feel you might need it most. This trick works wonders for myself and my friends have also had success with this. After the first day or two positive feelings abound and you will find new happiness in other areas of your life.

    Best to you both.
    • I agree that a healthy diet is part of a great self esteem. I am working on that too. I feel that if I can just eat one cup of brocolli a day or one piece of fruit (which I did not do before) can help start the process of eating right. I am taking small steps to eating healthy. It is not easy but it's a step. My self esteem should improve too. I am learning to like my body, fat and all and love myself anyhow. This is a hard task as I remember being thin before. I have to face the fact of getting older, and it is okay to ask for help and to be accountable. Great Post, being happy is the key to daily small steps. Good luck and bless you. :)
    • Thanks for your suggestions though I have tried so I will keep going and believing
  • Great advice, I had to look for all the postive every day..the sun shining...a lunch break, etc...my health, there is positive at this job somewhere.
  • I would love for you to love your job. My advice is that if you have a job in this economic times, Keep it. I have been looking for six months and get part time offers and cannot support myself and that is worse than what you are going through trust me. I lost my rental and put my life in stoage and now live in a crap hotel. I hate it. I keep applying and to no avail. I'd rather work at burger king than be here right now. Be grateful and learn to love your job. It's hard. Just tell yourself I am going to have a good day. I am not going to let others bother me. I am going to surround myself with white light and no one an touch me. I am at peace. I worked for a manic depressive for 7 years and that was worse. Trust me. It's hard to look at the good bright side to your job but dont' look at it as a job...look at it as working for the Lord or ____________a higher purpose. This job is temporary. So, I would suggest to hang in there and vent your frustations to family and friends. Give it another year and keep looking for another job in the meantime. :) I pray this helps some what even if you did not want to hear it. It is just one opinion and it does not count. LOL Jackie
  • If you read back over your post here, you will find the answer you are looking for. You stated all the reasons you remain at your present job. You are stating you feel trapped and that you want to leave very badly. The universe is answering your commands, and allowing you to stay at your present job.

    The universe puts us in the places and around the people we are, for a reason.

    What do you like about your present job? Do you have a friend you like there or is there something in particular enjoyable to you there?

    Looking forward to your reply.
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