olly olly Oxen Free

 I cant remember where I placed two important items.  One is a blue thing adn the other in a brown dropper bottle.


  It is so imp for my medical condition, which, affects memory.  a little ironic? :) I dont know.


 trying to simply my life, have baskets for things, organized,  I have no idea where it is, in my house somewhere for sure.


 if any intuits can see where it is,  I would apprecitate it, I coudl send u a small gift in mail if u want.


 i can visualize end result having items in hand.   thanks.



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  • Great game natalie!   How fun! 

    Let me give it a go. 

    Dear Universe,

    I would like $5,000,000.00 come to me this week please.

    Thanks so much!

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