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The Secret Forum And Group  Is focused and dedicated to people who believe in the
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The Intended Results of The Secret Forum and Group is to  be  a Joyful Community where members share their experiences of using The Secret Forum and Group and
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Inventions, and Abundance beyond their wildest dreams! 

They have Fun and Experience, Brilliance, Joy, Simplicity and Ease NO MATTER WHAT! 

The Secret Forum and Group is created by Marcy From Maui, who ran the Original Secret Forum in alliance The Secret and the Powerful Intentions Community.  

Marcy is featured in The Secret Book and is a friend of it's creator, Rhonda Byrne. 


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If you are looking to participate in a forum to discuss the law of attraction, you may find the  Powerful Intentions community at of interest! "  

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  • Hi guys,

    If you want to find all great articles/sources/info about getting your ex back or attracting a specific person, you can find it hyper-linked in one place here:

    Be blessed :*

  • Hello

    I am new to the group and if anyone has any encouraging words for a newbie I would appreciate it.

    I have watched The Secret and now I am reading the book!

    I have had nothing in my life since I can remember but negativity. I want to turn my life around and be nothing but positive.

    Thanks for any help!

    • Welcome, Robin! I have some encouraging words for you. Wanting to turn your life around, is the first step, and let me tell you, life will become more positive for you. When I went through negativity in my life, I started walking a mile a day, listening to music and started writing my first novel. I started singing while cleaning my house and before I knew it, I was smiling and happy.
  • Oh my there are several ways.  But first I would ask the Universe what it is that you should learn from the experience of these "rascal friends" in your life.  What is it they are here to teach you?  Ask, meditate and have a pen and paper ready to write.

    Otherwise I would just make a list of positive aspects about the ones who are being "negative."  Sit and write down a list of the things that you sincerely believe are positive and true about these individuals.   Do this each day for several days in a row and see how the relationship evolves. 

  • How do you vibrate negative people out of your life this is  part i seem to be stuck in and cant manifest what i would like,i been stuck for years so what am i not getting what am i doing wrong what do you do to get rid of people who are not beneficial in your life how do you manifest them out of your life. 

    • You have to totally ignore them!
  • What do you guys have to say about goals ?

  • Believer

    Plan for next goal after you have won one
    Like it is done

    Prepare the steps which will help you to your goal
    Start from one
    And keep going
  • Hello all you positive seeking people . hope you all are well . I would like to thank you all who have given me advice and tips this year. I hope to assist others in the future.

    Your friend,

  • Hey People, hope everybody is doing well.

    I would really love some thoughts/tips on how to win a contest, I have been dying to win for months now. Has anyone here ever won something like that with the help of LOA? Any help will be hugely appreciated.

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A few years back i did receive what i considered a large check. I wrote a fake check to the universe for $5,000. I put it on my little shrine and was meditating consistently every day. I would look at the check throughout the day smile at it and visualize myself receiving it. My friends were surprised to what I was expecting.I filed my taxes (which I never received a lot of money from) and it was an amount of a little over 5k. :) it worked for me so it can work for anyone.namaste <3

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