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Hello and welcome to the group!



I had this group here on PI for over a year. It was loaded with all kinds of articles to do with the subconscious mind (and a few other tidbits of interest thrown in as well!:>). However, I felt it was attracting very little interest, so I removed it. I am glad to discover that it appears that there is still an interest in the subject of working with our wonderful Creative easy way to help manifest our desires.


Over a year ago I found so many on PI struggling wth manifesting their true heart's desires, thus the reason I had started this group in early December of 2009. I knew then, and still find it to be true, that there is an easy way to bring in what we would like to have and experience in our lives. A stressfree way to work within to bring to us the kind of lives we want to live here on our beautiful planet earth...the kind of lives we are supposed to be living. I discovered personally for myself that we truly can have, be and do anything we want. It is just a matter of 'changing our mind'.


From my own experience many years back, I discovered quite by accident an easy way to manifest. A great way to 'let go and let God'. Also, a way to rid possible blockages that may be keeping us from our desires. Later this week I will post more information here on our group. The basics of this method, as well as testimonies. Honestly? This is an old method that is tried and true, foolproof if you are diligent and patient. I think that through the years this easy method somehow got lost along the way. Even these last few years I had to dig hard to find books on the subject, of which I found most of them to quite dated. I find that interesting, for I have found for myself that this method of working with the subconscious mind still works quite well for today. Check out my testimony within the discussion section.

So I want to say welcome to you newbies, and of course welcome back those that felt we had not said it all when it comes to working with the Creative Mind. Well, after is a most fascinating subject!


Please feel free to participate by giving your views, opinions, ideas, questions, testimonies, and any articles of interest you wish to share here with others to do with this subject. After all, there could be something you say here that very well could be exactly what someone else needs to discover! 

I hope you enjoy your time here at The Secret of Secrets!


Warmly, Linda


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Loving this

I've been doing this more - imagining what I want before sleep - and I AM feeling a lot more positive and hopeful about these things!  It's like my mind is so much more allowing, less resistant at these times plus I am getting better at visualizing.  I may also be seeing signs of one of those "bigger" things beginning to manifest in waking life too.Thank you again! 

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Reversing Plastic surgery

I am such a believer in this, had plastic surgery which went wrong and now I want my old eyes back, I am going to go to sleep every night with the joy and grateful feeling of having beautiful eyes, has anyone had anything similar happen?

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It's all the same process !

Linda,When you left the group I felt so lost lol (no really I was) then I tried to do some research on the Sub-conscious mind on my own and that's how I came across Merlin's site on NAPs. I stopped coming on here for a while because the Sub-conscious mind is more interesting to me now. Today when I saw I had a group invite and it was from you. It dawned on me that you and Merlin has the same concept and I LOVE IT!!!! I'm so glad you created the group again : )

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