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  • Hi Deliberate Sifter

    Come to create peace and love in this moment.



  • "ON SOLUTIONS TO SOCIAL PROBLEMS: All solutions have come
    from connected people flowing energy, not from people pushing
    against. Whatever cause you want to champion, the best way to
    make it happen is to envision it done, regularly and in great detail,
    when you are feeling good and connected to the stream. Then, if you are to
    DO something to make it happen, you will be inspired to action from
    your place of well-being, with the energy that creates worlds
    propelling you with inspiration." date unknown.

  • ooo i love when u call me pretty

    u gorgeous

    and i am from the south and Witch is a dirty word here

    so i love blended being

    they can call it what they want

    we r in our power now


    love ya

  • Girl u know we witches

    cause that is what they call women in their power


    love ya


  • 7293338896?profile=originalThank You so much  DS...Namaste
  • Thank you, That's what friends are for :-)

  • Most of you have been hard on yourselves for a long time.

    It doesn't matter who the object of your attention is when you are loving.
    When you love, you are in the Vortex.

    So find a child and love them, and in the Vortex you'll go.
    Find a dog and love him, and into the Vortex you'll go.
    Find a flower and appreciate it, and into the Vortex you'll go.

    And once you have shown yourself what a lover you can be,
    then you can begin turning that lens of love toward yourself.

    ~, Asheville, NC, 5/29/09

  • If you're far enough out of the vortex that pushing very hard against someone else gives you relief, that says quite a bit about where you are. In other words, someone consistently in the vortex would not find any satisfaction in any of that; you see.

    VOA Series Episode 2 Disk 3

  • i honor abraham and jerry and esther in my thriving as i follow what they are teaching me.

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