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  • Feeling on purpose and continuing thinking based on feeling is really a nice lifestyle to be living. I  still don't write as much as my wanting for personal control of my experience may mandate, but catching negative emotion and understanding what it means plus pre-paving my emotions by gridding is carrying my experience well and delivering to me a life that I feel is well worth living. Thank you Abe. I think I might be well balanced between attending my vibration moment by moment and over working at this discipline...with room to goose up my energy occassionally when I'm sure I'm focused forward smoothly. I really really like emotional gridding. I love how it demonstrates results so consistently, I love the momentum factor it also shows me very clearly. 

    Thank you Abe! 

  • This is the work.
    In other words, find some way to feel it.


    The emotion really is the first stage of the manifestation.

    Abraham Hicks Publications From the workshop in Asheville, NC on 9/27/11

  • So you're wanting to define action as the thought process that triggers the vibration that is the engine of this Universe. Abraham San Antonio, TX 10/11/12

  • Hi there lovely!

    Just wanting to take a moment to appreciate you. I love the stuff that you're doing. And that puppy! How adorable!

  • For Patri


  •  I also love to see you whenever you show up!! yayayayayaya!!  And, like Mike, I also appreciate you IMMENSELY miss wonderful you!


  • Huggies from me, sweet soul. All is well. And here I am saying hello and celebrating life  :)


  • I love it 2 the 12 symptoms of spiritual awakening.

  • Specially for U dear! :)


    Birds, they are the symbol of Freedom. They are the closest thing to absolute, pure freedom you can visually witness in your physical experience. They are so flexible and so mobile and so light and so free and so joyful! They represent the pure essence of your Being -- and that is why you are drawn to them.

    Abraham-Hicks, February 8, 1991 


    The birds of your planet are often messengers or translators of Non-Physical Energy; all beasts are, to a certain extent. But the birds of your planet are used often in that way. Non-Physical Energy, wanting to express something to physical, often finds a bird as a very easy messenger, because the birds are mobile, they are everywhere, and they are willing. And they are vibrationally intuitive, sensitive to vibration more so than most beasts, and therefore pliable to the will, if you will, of the Energy.

    Abraham-Hicks, December 9, 2000
  • Pilar Del Mar sent this out...I love it...


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