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  • Welcome to Powerful Intentions! Hope you'll add me as a friend. :) Looking forward to connecting more in the future and finding out more about you. I started my spiritual journey with Abraham-Hicks and have been learning from all different teachers every since. Feel free to check out my PI page and other sites for pictures and more about my story. Some fun pictures from our evening with the Agape Choir and Michael Beckwith from The Secret which was incredible. And also one from a run-in a while back with none other than Bob Proctor! :) Hope you're having an amazing weekend!
    Prosperity & Light,
    Melissa in Arizona


  • you seen to be a very spiritual person that too at such an early age, Just 20....WOW thats really a good thing, Well i am 21 year old & share similar interests like that of yours, would love to know you more...wishing you the best of everything in LIFE....Sameer
  • Hi Altethea :-)
  • Pleasure is mine Alethea. Feel free to visit my channel.
    I love it. Great music books. Please share it with many. Thank you.
    Love & Light. Xoxo
  • Hi Alethea! ... A little late with the welcome to PI! ;-)

    This is Josh from down here in beautiful New Zealand! (Auckland) - Just a short word of welcome to Powerful Intentions! Although I don't get in here much due to my schedule - (i.e. I am currently building a global child sponsorship network which keeps me extremely busy!) - I can tell you I've attracted some special contacts and new friendships with similar thinking people when I am on - just a good bunch. ;-)

    If you feel - add me as a friend and keep in touch! Love to know more about you ;-)

    Josh ;-)

    What I do ;-)

  • Hello
    My name is Marlene Marion and I am an Advanced EFT practitioner.

    I created a group on this site called Advanced EFT Healing Begins NOW,

    that I hope you will check out.

    I think you will find this fun and informative. This) is a very powerful and easy to use modality. As we are all Energy, everything is Energy and EFT deals directly with Energy Meridians.

    I feel an urgency as we are approaching 2012 and the importance to clear out our blockages (pain, diseases) so we have peace more fully anchored in our bodies, so we can more effectively project it out word. I work a little out of the box using Meditation, Angels, Intuition, EFT and Intention to give this added power.

    Please Join me and lets have some fun, The Healing Begins NOW isn't about time you worked on you! Here's the link:


    This is just a 7 minute Video can change your Life!

  • Hi Alethea so nice to meet you.
    Blessings Kim
  • Hi alethea I am new here too. I have become quite good at using Facebook and am now trying to figure out how to use this site and Twitter. Thanks for the invite and I look forward to talking to you more!
  • Welcome to PI - anything you desire to know or understand about LOA, I'll be happy to share what I know, namaste Valerie

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