Alex Ritchie left a comment on Angel Numbers
"Little story....I see number synchronisities so much that my husband, who sadly enough is not a believer of anything told me in the car I must be watching the clock and time out when a "synchronisity" will occur or just happen to see a synchronisity…"
Jul 28, 2008
Alex Ritchie left a comment on Indigo Adults
I realized a long time ago I was an Indigo child (born in 1988)
It was something i forgot about until I just found this group, some of the things listed made me cry...things I'm judged for, that make me a "bad" person is my nature that I share…"
Jul 28, 2008
Alex Ritchie left a comment for Alex Ritchie
"Thank you so much for all your kind welcomes.
I knew this website would offer me happiness and the key s to obtain all which I desire.
But for you all to greet me in such a beautiful manner is instant positivity and enlightenment...I cannot thank…"
Jun 18, 2008