Allen Sentance (FISHERMAN) left a comment for Dawn McIntyre
"G'DAY DAWN , my mothers name was Dawn so it is special for me.
Nice to make your aquaintance & I look forward to a long and lasting friendship as well as a supportive network association. is good......

Allen Sentance
Dec 27, 2008
Allen Sentance (FISHERMAN) left a comment for Heidi Hall
"Hello HEIDI and thanks for the friendship & connection, I hope to have a long and successfull friendship & buisness association with you. is good.....

Allen Sentance
Nov 14, 2008
Allen Sentance (FISHERMAN) left a comment for Mick Reade
"Well Hello there Mick , and fancy meeting you here mate. Well it is amazing just how much ground you can cover on the internet once you get serious. Guess what I caught that Barramundi for the Darwin convention the other day , will you cook it I…"
Nov 13, 2008
Allen Sentance (FISHERMAN) left a comment on Love President Obama!!!
"Nothing we ever do goes unnoticed & if we all unite as one and support good leadership ..WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD....
Let's all come together and support the UNIVERSE before we lose it !!! is good.......... Join The Cause Here and…"
Nov 8, 2008