Amy left a comment for Rackie
"Hi Rackie,
I have been want to say this long time ago. During March 2018, we were in the chat room and you response me back after I said I lost the gov. job in SF. Your response was a huge kind words for me that I can respect myself well and…"
Feb 11, 2019
Amy left a comment for Rackie
"Hi Racki,
I would like to say thank you for your kind words and be supportive. I actually fallen asleep and saw you were already left. 

Keep in touch,
Mar 12, 2018
Amy left a comment on Get your EX back
""Gratitude makes relationships flourish. As you increase your gratitude for any relationship, you will magically receive an abundance of happiness and good things in that relationship."
—from The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne"
Dec 21, 2017
Amy left a comment on Friendship I Attract Friends
"Just decided to join the group through PRITTY link. Looking forward to enjoy with you guys here!  I just want more attract female buddies and share enjoy moments sometimes. "
Oct 27, 2017
Amy replied to Manmeet's discussion Please help me out.. in Get your EX back
"I would like to say  the statement, "Just calm down, relax and BELIEVE that he's already back!" is good to add after the quote from below,
" You will find that it is necessary to let things go: simply for the reason that they are HEAVY." =)"
Sep 29, 2017
Amy left a comment on The Secret Group And Forum
"I am gonna writing down a list of 10 things here while I am reading the book, " How the secret changed my life," page 62.
1. Involving model activities makes me happy.
2. Texting with many people makes me happy.
3. Eating various food and various…"
Jan 7, 2017
Amy replied to csp's discussion I need help letting go! in Get your EX back
"Your explain is pretty much clear why we should not contact and let the person contact us first. =)"
Dec 4, 2016
Amy left a comment for Will Pemb
"Hi Will,
I just looked up the links that you posted in your message in the main chatting room. I truly enjoyed them. It encouraged me that I can have good grades in my online classes and medical coding class and I still have hope that my ex will…"
Nov 27, 2016
Amy left a comment for Happy Girl
"Yes Ma'em? Please be free to ask me here."
Nov 19, 2016
Amy replied to ArtistLaura's discussion I Wish to Return and More Easily Continue My Ed.. in The Secret Group And Forum
"I am gratitude that I am finally able to absorb gratitude knowledge from last October not that I was skeptical from 10 years ago. So I can complete my CSU degree easier from now on. According to statements from "The Magic" day-14, The magical day, I…"
Nov 13, 2016
Amy replied to csp's discussion Veronica Isles 25 Day Challenge in Get your EX back
"Hi dear, I am starting to read it after you mentioned the book. The methods from the book looks fun, we will how our proceed goin. Thanks for shared here!"
Nov 10, 2016
Amy left a comment for James
I would definitely love to ask you, but I have sooo many questions which I would need to study myself before I ask you. I am looking forward to talk you after satisfied with my knowledge. =) Peace.

Hi Amy,
I am delighted you decided to test…"
Nov 2, 2016
Amy left a comment for James
I was taking an online exam while you were messaging me. yet, I still need to take another exam soon until tonight.
Anyway, I have been want to say a little excited moment. You mentioned me that ask the universe for something like a red…"
Oct 26, 2016
Amy left a comment for kylie
"I think you also would like to read people's story after they read a book "The secret" I am gonna refer one person's story, and please be free to look other stories after.
Thanks! =D"
Oct 4, 2016
Amy left a comment for kylie
"Hey sorry for late response,
I think you would like to learn how to let him go and believe he is coming to you. But I am still in your shoes, because I am still hungry to research to have my ex back. If purchased some E-book to get my ex back. Those…"
Oct 4, 2016