Anthony left a comment for Chris Tinney
"Thanks for adding us! We have very similar missions. When you want to make the world a better place the abundance just flows. We appreciate your positive vibrations. Go Abraham-Hicks!"
Oct 4, 2008
Anthony replied to Pat Kuzela's discussion Finding that special partner---"the statistics" in Law Of Attraction And Abraham-Hicks
"I could not agree with you more. In our coaching we find that single people are so focused on the absence of a mate that they keep creating that experience for themselves. We teach them to redirect that focus to a feeling of being satisfied where…"
Oct 4, 2008
Anthony left a comment for Gloria
"Hi Gloria,

You are such a sweetheart. We just love you and are glad you have been such a kind and loving friend. You are already making your dreams come by taking the leap of faith. We love you so much.

Oct 4, 2008
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"Hello Robin. Thanks for the wonderful compliment. You are a great looking guy as well with great energy. I am sure you will have no problem fulfilling all of your goals. Thanks for connecting with us and have a blessed day my friend."
Jun 18, 2008
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"Hello Princess Peace. Just wanted to say thanks for letting us connect with you. Have a blessed day."
Jun 18, 2008
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"Hello Roy. Melanie and I are Law of Attraction Dating & Relationship coaches and certified match makers. This is our passion and we have been playing at it for over 17 years. We would love to assist you in any way possible. Let me know a little more…"
Jun 17, 2008
Anthony left a comment for Vasin Thaithae
"Hello Vasin. Thanks for the welcome. Long Beach California is a very cool community. It has a very diverse, friendly, and artistic vibe that we absolutely love. We would love to visit Thailand one day. It looks like a incredibly beautiful place. We…"
Jun 17, 2008
Anthony left a comment for Paul M. Butler
"Hello Paul. Thanks for the kind comment. And you are absolutely right. Melanie and I are a very happy and blessed couple and we are extremely grateful. We loved your photos. You my friend are an amazing photographer. Great job!"
Jun 17, 2008
Anthony left a comment for Annmarie-ReRe
"Thank you very much Annmarie. I logged on to your page this morning and heard "Hope You'll Dance." That is one of my favorite songs of all times and everytime I hear it I instantly connect with source. It made my day and of course felt amazing.…"
Jun 17, 2008
Anthony left a comment for Lee
"What would you say are top three things that made your love affair so blissful? People need examples to change their perceptions of what a great relationship is. I would appreciate your insight."
Jun 16, 2008