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  • Thanks for accepting the invite Azure! (nice name)
  • Thank you both for the warm welcome.
  • Thank you for the great welcome.
  • Thank you so much for the welcoming comments.Love the music.I'm on the 7th day of the challenge.Had a setback but am ready for all today.
    Blessings from Pati ,Resident Artist for Grenelefe in Central Florida. Most interested in Health and wellness trails here
  • Hi Azure,
    No I am not one of the 256 but We are Founding Affiliates and that's cool! Love your pictures! Check out my GeneWize group,
  • Hello Azure,

    Great profile and what you are doing is wonderful! You are truly an inspiring individual.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. Like you, I have a goal to help as many others as possible. The main reasons why I am here is to educate others about what I do to acquire wealth and to hopefully help them acquire wealth as well.

    The following was my comment back to you in my blog...

    Actually it is legal to send/receive cash gifts of up to $12000 per person per year without being taxed. Family or complete stranger, it doesn't matter. Also, when a cash gift is sent there is a non-solicitation form and a gifting statement which is signed and sent by the gifter. This keeps the activity 100% legal.

    Here is an IRS link about cash gifts:

    Cash Gifting has been done for decades usually between small groups of people. this activity has been a wealth building secret of the super rich for a very long time now, but during the past few years it is being discovered by more and more of us average, middle class people.

    I hope that helped :)

  • Thank you for the wonderful invite, Looking forward to meet this wonderful group of people that bring the best in me, out. I have been waiting to feel this way for a very long time. Thank you, Maria
  • thanks so much for the invite fellow californian! Love the site and have a fantastic weekend. The car is fabulous Azure and I can see you with the top down singing your heart out full of hapiness and abundance... Just rockin' to the beat :)
  • Thank you so much for the welcome lovely lady!!
    Love your page!
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