Bill replied to Bob Vadas's discussion So...What's Up With LoveBugs??? in Florida Law of Attraction Group
"From what I understand, they serve no purpose, they have no mouths, only sex organs, therefore the name love bugs. They must be government bugs as all they do is make love, but for no apparant reason! :>)"
Jun 18, 2008
Bill left a comment on Florida Law of Attraction Group
"Thanks for the invite Kat!
I am here in Jacksonville, home of the Jaguars. It's hot, and humid here today, but I was lucky enought to gret the yard mowed befor 11 AM today. Fla is nice all the year long, no cold weather, no snow.but once every 50…"
Jun 8, 2008
Bill replied to Chris Tinney's discussion Introductions - Please introduce Yourself in Namaste!
"I appreciate my sense of humor. I am the type of personality that sees humor in a lot of things and, it has helped me through some difficult times. I also appreciate my low key personality, as I seldom lose my cool. I feel that when we lose our…"
May 13, 2008
Bill left a comment for Oracle
"Hi Oracle! I am new to the forums, but would like to make new friends and also some business contacts, how do I promote a business in here without violating any forum policies?"
May 6, 2008
Bill posted a discussion in The Secret Group And Forum
Hi: I am new to this site. My husband and I are both involved with this site and is always pleasant to put words out there in an effort to share your life and daily routine in today's society.Remember to think positive always. Apply this movie to…
Apr 27, 2008
Bill left a comment for Chris Tinney
"Hi Chris! I am new at this but it looks like it will be fun!"
Apr 25, 2008