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  • Thanks! Congrats an the retirement! Hope it's worth it!!
  • Due to the amount of new friends I have since moving in hugging all of them at once has now necessatated a few modifications to thy self and I now sport two new arms each 17 feet long. So in the spirit..if I may say, of communal strength and friendship here's a <<< hug >>> from me. Blessings. tasted x
  • Thank you for the welcome!
  • Thanks Bob;
    It's great to be amongst so much positive energy and influence.
    There is an awakening in the world, can you feel it?
  • Bob, thank you for the welcome. I am astounded by the chain of positivity and encouragement that permeates this community. And this is the internet???? It's encouraging to see so many kind people who genuinely seem to want the best for themselves AND others. I'm fortunate to be a part of it.
  • Hi Bob

    Thank you very much for the kind welcome I look forward to meeting loads of wonderful people.
    Have a wonderful blessed week.
  • Bob,

    Thanks for accepting my friendship invitation, and thanks also for founding this community.


  • Thank you so much for your welcome here on positive intentions. This
    is such a wonderful community.
  • Thanks
  • Cool Bob thanks
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