Bonnie Cranmer left a comment on Namaste!
"I truly appreciate the creative spirit that flows naturally from deep within my soul.

I appreciate the beauty of all around me, no matter the form in which they appear.

Be blessed!"
Jan 8, 2009
Bonnie Cranmer left a comment on The Emergency Handbook for Getting Money Fast!
"Hi all! I'm grateful to have found this group today ;~)

My goal is to connect with green minded folks for a project in development. It has been my life's passion to promote green business and green lifestyles and the time has come to make it so!

Jan 8, 2009
Bonnie Cranmer left a comment on Manifest Mastermind
"So how was your birthday & the BIG launch? everything you expected I hope!!!

Will be sharing a new project I'm working on with you soon. Would love to be linked with other green minded folks, anyone come to mind?

Thanks again for including me in y…"
Jan 8, 2009
Bonnie Cranmer left a comment on Advanced EFT Healing Begins NOW
"Thank you for including me in this group! Very excited to learn from the wonderful resources you are sharing here!

I share beautiful things with beautiful people in my own way. You can visit a small piece of my world here.

Continued blessings for…"
Jan 6, 2009