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  • Speaking of Genevieve Behrend, "My heart is a center for your divine operation and divine operation means expansion into something greater than has gone on before." I heard you quote that somewhere....:)

  • Peace and Blessings be upon you my Dear life Teacher! As I told you over the phone, your teachings remind me of Genevieve Behrend. But your teachings excel's one, to a total new level. I believe that the Universe always bring me my next Spiritual Enlighten Teachers. I follow a five basic rule and number one is...Who Do You Listen To?  I can recognize Greatness when I see and hear it, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Hello everybody,

    I'm new here but not on this wonderful world of the Law of atraction.

    Can somebody give some feedback on how can attract a mate?? I can attract anything but love it's has been diffiult.

    Thankyou very much-

  • Hi Carole,


    Just click and got on to your name....can you please help me in the power of visualization.

  • Thank you Carole for the welcome! I love this group!!!!
  • Hello Ms. Dore. I met you at theWhole Life Expo many many years ago. It was the time prior to my early retirement @ the phone company. I was in need desperately of money and I purchased the Emergency Handbook for Getting Money Fast. It worked pretty good for me because I had the opportunity to receive some money due to early retirement. I felt comfortable back then but then stocks started to decline and I lost track of everything. I was employed in a high school and I was brought into different lilfe situation ignoring about Life Force Energy, Universal Laws I learned from your book. Now I was unemployed again and I want to go back to your teachings. Thank you and may GOD continuously bless you, Cynthia.
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  • Dear Carole, I just joined the group devoted to your teachings! I am so excited to learn from you! Happy Holidays!
  • I am truly excited about this audio book! They say when the student is ready the teacer appears well. i am a believer!
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