Cassady Montesquiou replied to Sofia D.'s discussion Did I got it right? (methods) in Changing Physical Appearance
"Don't let's make this too complicated. On credit of innumerable success stories, the universe (and by extension your body) already "knows" what it is you're after. Visualization, cell talking and other methods are not chiefly techniques to design…"
Oct 16, 2014
Cassady Montesquiou replied to joline's discussion small success , and How exactly does physical change happen ? in Changing Physical Appearance
"Congratulations on your brilliant skin! But you always already had it, didn't you?
From what I understand, Joline, Law of Attraction is a super-orchestrator. It's a jack of all trades. Who's to say Law of Attraction wasn't a factor (if not the…"
Sep 4, 2014
Cassady Montesquiou replied to Samantha pierce's discussion 4 years of trying but no results. in Changing Physical Appearance
"In the first place, my very delightful Ms. Pierce, you've been doing nothing wrong. After all, you keep trying and still believe what you want is possible: I think that is a very powerful example for everyone here. Your question also lets me try to…"
May 25, 2014