Chaz left a comment on A Course in Miracles
Yes i would love to do this course in Miracles. Could you please let me know more about this.
Warmest Regards and Wishes.
Aug 20, 2008
Chaz left a comment on The BIGGEST GIFT of The Secret.
"Hello Big Blue, am new at all this but I have started my own Jewellry Business from home and my Dream is to be successful and to have an abundance of wealth. I wish to be able to work from home with my business, and to provide a stress free financia…"
Jul 26, 2008
Chaz left a comment on Florida Law of Attraction Group
My name is Chaz and i live in Adelaide. Sth.Aust. I have started a new Business from home called ChazAlly and your info and suggestions etc would be appreciated. The site is :
Your feedback is much appreciated, also in…"
Jun 8, 2008
Chaz left a comment on The Soul Network "The Five Gifts"
"Thankyou for your warm Welcome.
I am most certainly interested in all that you may offer as I too am having trouble with this negative world.
I want the best for me and my family but with the way of the world am being beaten down with all bad aaaghh…"
May 31, 2008