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  • Thanks for the beautiful comment!
  • Due to the amount of new friends I have since moving in hugging all of them at once has now necessatated a few modifications to thy self and I now sport two new arms each 17 feet long. So in the spirit..if I may say, of communal strength and friendship here's a <<< hug >>> from me. Blessings. tasted x
  • Thank you Chris!

    Namaste to you as well. :)
  • Love, truth, light and peace. What more could one need for a moral foundation? Until recently, I hadn't considered the power and importance of those 4 words. Ideally matched with positive intentions, life is fool proof.
  • Hey Chris thanks for the lovely NAMASTE post card it looks so pretty on my page. You always come up with the coolest stuff.
  • Thanks!!
  • Hello Chris, thanks so much for the nice welcome. I love this wonderful
    site. It is very encouraging and helpful. Karen
  • HEY!!! I forgot all about that cow picture! LOL!

    Thanks Chris!
  • Thank you, Chris!
  • Thanks for the welcome Chris. It has been a while since we connected. Love the new look of the Powerful Intentions.
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