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  • I have an idea :D! I will stand for the intention that the FDA will have a daily recommended value of hugging ONE tree a day :D. "This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases." :D Have you had your daily tree hug? Oooh, we need a slogan :D. Have a fun day.
  • thanks for the help...and if your friend ever needs someone who is a fabulous actress let me know....
  • If you come to the Netherlands, of course I hang out with you. Just let me know!
  • Aw what a cute puppy! Thank you so much!
  • I am so looking forward to seeing the video of that! I just LOVE yurts. The ones over here from Mongolia have lots of gingerbread and there are different levels of intricate carvings and engravings. They are truly beautiful works of art that can be lived in. Ooooh we also have a catalog of a company that makes the best stoves for said yurts. They are over here in Europe somewhere, but they make high quality outdoor living products. Are you getting the sense that I'm into nature and living in it yet???
  • I feel honored. I am kicking pebbles with my and all that......really, I am truly interested in getting some of the forever green product and eating it regularly.....
  • A yurt or incinerator?? I've seen the REAL yurts, they are awesome. What is in MY vabrational escrow you ask... A yurt imported by the guy that gets them made IN Mongolia in wood that lasts in other countries with a compost toilet out back with a huge bucket of cedar chips!! A short walk through the woods, where said yurt and compost toilet live is a river where we've blocked it off to stock fish for our otters. Wolves and deer roam our EDIBLE Forest and marvel at all the wildlife in our patch of BLISS!!! Oh and just because we LOVE it we will have people come to learn awareness skills and caretaking of the land.... Will you come and visit?

    I researched yurts, so if you need info please do contact me.....

    Am adding a picture of my dog that looks wolf like!

  • Well, Chris, We must be happy and grateful to You for creating this wonderful community of Positive Souls! Thanks! Yvonne

  • Hello Chris!

    Thank you for the cute picture of the funny little dog!
    I just watched your photos and video of your farm sanctuary and I can understand how you feel like your work is also your play!
    I love animals too...
    I send you blessings of love, light and peace and thank you for all you are doing to bring happiness in so many people's and animal's lifes :-)
  • Hi Chris:
    Please keep me posted on your trip to Las Vegas. I moved here for a job offer -- LOA! It helped my sister lives here, but she will soon be moving to Georgia. I really do like it here in the desert! Take care in your travels and let me know when you will arrive.
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