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  • Cher ami, cher Christian,

    Je lis tes posts, tes messages et je lis ton coeur génereux et humble comme savent l'être les enfants du Père/Mère...
    Occupée il est vrai par la tâche de manifester désormais après 35 ans de travail d'éveil et de nettoyage de mémoires de vies passées qui a boosté mon ascension et m'a en même temps fait tout quitter sans jamais douter que tout serait reconstruit, mon temps de manifester mon abondance est arrivé sur avis de nos amis ascensionnés...C'est vraiment u travail full time...mais je ne veux pas délaisser mes amis;;;
    Si peu de temps pour te saluer et te manifester mon amour sincère!
    BBs Birthday!
  • Hey!!!!!

    Nice week my friend!

  • Coucou Christian,

    Que la lumière de la loi d'attraction te guide aujourdhui et toujours :-)
    Bonne chance pour ta présentation de demain!
    Love and blessings :-)

  • Hey Chris!

    How are you? I hope grate.

    I'm very happy 'cause I found something that I would like to share with you. I don't know if you have seen it alredy, but if you don't, I suggest you do it. It's amazing.
    Just check the pages:


    There are very interesting articles from David Schirmer and Joe Vitale and a lot of things.
    I hope you like it.
  • Talking about the mexican food...

    Hahaha!!! I hope this video makes you laugh a little...
    Another talented mexican singer. Regina Orozco.
    Is she going to eat that orange?????

  • Bonjour Christian,

    Moi aussi je te souhaite une superbe journée de joie et de paix!

    Amtiés à toi :-)

  • Just stopping by to say hi and I'm thinking about you. I should be able to spend more time on PI very soon!

  • Bonsoir Christian,

    Un petit coucou pour t'envoyer de belles pensées d'amour et de paix!
    Belle nuit de lumière à toi! :-)

  • I can't imagine how do you do to feel good in a rainny and cold place. Tell me how, please, 'cause it's very rainny here in Mexico and I want to feel great. It's kind of hard because i'ts sunny almost always.

    I would like share with you some videos about my country and more LOA stuff, but I have some troubles to do it here...
    Mmmh Do you have Hi5?

    Well, I like the idea you like the mexican food. What do you have tasted? I would like to know what is the common or the tradicional food in Belgium. And... Do you have some I don't know which is the correct word, but some like myths or traditional fairy tales...
    And what do you like to do...
    There are so much things to know and to talk...

    Have fun.
    Again, it's very nice to meet YOU.
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