Claudia Blanton replied to Honey Bee Dance's discussion NEW and EXCITED- with MANY questions in ABUNDANCE FOR BEGINNERS
"wow, a long post! I love when people get so exited about this process.
First of all I am a homeschooling veteran of 16 years. If you have any questions regarding that, just throw them my way.
Regarding the books: May I suggest to get Kindle…"
Aug 11, 2014
Claudia Blanton replied to Sonja Rire's discussion Healing my Speech Problems (Stuttering/Stammering)?? in Louise Hay You can Heal your Life
"I agree with all of the points already made, and would add a question - do you meditate regularly? Meditation helps you to relax, and let go of some of the stress that manifested itself through the speech problem. Sometimes the reason why you began…"
Feb 6, 2010