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  • Thank you David for inviting me to join the group, which I have, well done and thank you again Jess x
  • David,
    Great idea having a place to focus on Gratitude I'm in!
  • What is the link to you group. I would LOVE to join.
  • I hate to admit this, but how do I go to your page? I'm really new at this!
  • Hello David! Thank you for inviting me as your friend... I`m searching for people that could become interested in helping me to show my artistic experience and creative ideas to the world...

    I teach Psychology for living but I love the artwork that I make... The problem is that here in Brazil, it`s hard to have some kinds of talents recognized...

    Any way, I think that this images that I create carry on some very powerful and positive meanings that I need to share...

    Also, I intend to make money with this, too... But I just have not found the way yet...

    I believe this community can help me... Do you know how?

    You may see my artwork in my photos... Hope you like it too.

    PS: Images are for sale!!
  • Hi, David! Boy! I SURE AM ONE GRATEFUL HUMAN BEING! Would love to find out more about "My Gratitude Life" group. Looking forward to learning more. Namaste, Lorraine
  • Where do I find "My Gratitude Life"?
  • Thank you for the invite, David! I'm still a TOTAL newbie, so I'm learning how to navigate around here, but I will search for 'My Gratitude Life' and join in as soon as I find it!


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