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  • Hi David! Thanks for coming by and inviting me to your group. I will look into it soon. Am leaving for the day...this looks like a great place! Blessings, Marcie
  • Thanks!
  • Hi David,
    Thanks for the invite.....might join your group in the near future.
    Bright Blessings, Ileah
  • David, thank you so much for the many mails and the amazing website you created. I think you are awesome. What a planet...what a life...what amazing people. I am grateful for just being here...everything else is a bonus, and I have been blessed with so much it's mind blowing. XXX
  • Thank you for the invitation - I try to spend time every day being grateful for what I have had or things that have happened to me and it helps me see the miracles that occur every day. Sometimes they may be so small, they could easily pass you by. I am so pleased to be asked to join your group.

    warm wishes
  • Thanks for the invitation! It is my pleasure to be part of a gratitude group. Gratitude is a bless!

  • Hi David, Thnks for inviting me, its my pleasure to be a part of your group...!

    Good day !
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