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  • Your photos are wonderful!!! :)
  • Hi Debbie, I just wanted to stop in and wish you a beautiful day! :)
  • Your page is SOOOO COOL. I LOVE your intentions, I LOVE that you have manifested a really cool life & that you have seen Obama and had a photo taken with him & also been to the Oprah show 4x!
  • Love your photo with Barack. How uplifting!

  • A free gift for you from Robert Kiyosaki
    Enjoy.. C
  • OMG! Your photos are amazing!! It is clear you not only love it but are VERY good at it! How did you ever get the one of the tiny fawn? Are the crater ones in Arizona? Is that Obama? COOL! What is that wonderful little violet looking flower? It is so beautiful. The blue bonets is Texas? I really enjoyed looking at all the beauty. THANK YOU!
  • :) I saw a post you made today on someone's thead about how you are out enjoying the manifestations in your life, and posting when you have time. I loved it!! You are such a great example! I hope you have a really beautiful day!
  • Hi Debbie ~ Just stopping by to say HI. I saw a quote today and it made me think of you...

    Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. ~Anthony J. D'Angelo

    You definitely seem to bring sunshine wherever you go! Have a beautiful and blessed day!
  • I was also just reading a thread that someone started about how our unconscious thinking can stand in the way... old thought and patterns which, even when we are doing everything "right" in attracting what we want... we can still not manifest because our deep subconcious beliefs won't let us. Interesting thought that I really need to think on... :) Thanks for being so friendly and sharing your thoughts with me.
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