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  • Day off tomorrow cuz of snow! YAY! Maybe ill see you here! :)

  • Hello love, Well, my husband Mike is pretty sick at the moment with cancer and going through chemo treatments and our love revolves around this at the moment. I am trying to remain focused somewhat on self care and also a safe work environment as ive managed to manifest a real super pain in the ass bully. AGAIN ugh lol. So nice to see you! lets get back on track quickly!

  • You completely manifested me here today! I dont usually come on during the week lol! So wonderful to hear from you love! Whats up? How the heck are you? So so so so nice to see you!! :) :) :) :) :) xxxxx Cheryl

  • Hello gorgeous DeeDee!
  • I AM IN NEED OF HELP,  ALL ANSWERS APPRECIATED. Hi Dee, I am applying some suggestions of threads here,  to attract a new romantic relationship with my amazing partner.  I read a response of yours and was inspired to ask your help.   Thank you! ☺  I am fairly new to the Law of Attraction,  but have already noticed it's power in my life.  I have a question for you.  Sometimes, even in feeling well and happy,  a negative thought will arise, and while I do my best not to allow it to change my mood or vibration,  it sits there as if waiting for me to give it attention. When I replace with more positive affirmations,  it later returns. Do you have any suggestions for this? In this past,  I have been a worrier, part of which ended my former relationship. I am love with him,  and love him so much, as he does me!  Also during visualization,  it is difficult for me to imagine thru my own eyes. But extremely easy to see myself in those positive intentions. It's almost like I am watching a movie of myself with the manifested outcome. Is the LOA less effective, if I am not seeing thru my own eyes in the visions? And how can I change this?  Thanks.  I am excited for your response!

    Love and light,
  • Lovely to see you :)
  • At 7:21am on April 15, 2015, Flowerpatch said…
    Hello sweet Dee!! Hope you are having a deeeeelightful day! Get it?! DEElightful?! (I'm a kook I know) love YA!
  • Hi love! Thanks for the add! :)

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