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  • Hello DeeDee,

    I'm really soooooo passionate about Rumi , have you read the 40 rules of love?

  • Hi Rumi :-)

    Thanks for the request.

    And thank you for the love and concern about our beloved Morning Star. Be sure I will forward to her your kind words :-) But hey, I'm sure you will tell her yourself soon ;-)

    Have a lovely day


  • Hello Rumi DeeDee, it's lovely to meet you... I hope to keep in touch... I can guess that you like Rumi... Just a little note for you I am originally from Istanbul... ;)
  • one....two..... three eyes


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  • Just read it, thank you very much Bruce. Let's keep reactivating old threads and keep the forum relevant. ;)
  • Dee, we are simply a reflection of your beautiful and amazing self!!! I immediately feel awesome when I see your name. You are like an old friend, a sister, a pretty flower all rolled into one. I adore you. xxoo Cher

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